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County Parks.

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Skizzy Rotum, May 24, 2007.

  1. I was thinking about taking my wife out this weekend to a county park, most likely Sunday. I would like to rent a boat not sure what type yet. I don't mind renting the rowboat for 6hrs but man just a pain when its windy. What park would you all suggest for the most luck this weekend? It doesnt really matter what we catch as long as we catch something. I live not to far from Sharon Woods, but everytime I have fished here I catch nothing but small gills. I have not fished any of the other lakes but I am definetly willing to try. Let me know what everyone suggests.

  2. I'd suggest Cowan Lake, it's a little farther to drive, but you can rent a pontoon, w/motor, not row, and have a better platform for fishing and grillling.
    If you want to stay closer, I'd go for Winton Woods or Miami Whitewater, haven't fished either, but like the set up better than Sharon.

  3. LMRsmallmouth

    LMRsmallmouth LMR Master Angler

    I think Armco Park is open to the public now and they rent boats cheap. I went last year with a buddy and I believe it was $15 for all day in a johnboat.
    It used to be AK Steel employees only but now I believe it is just a couple of bucks at the front gate. I could be wrong, but that is what I heard. We caught quite a few fish when we went, they have a bait shop too.
  4. is that the armco park in zanesville? Did not even know they had fishing.
  5. Miami Whitewater would be my parks pick.
  6. LMRsmallmouth

    LMRsmallmouth LMR Master Angler

    871 is in Springboro/Back side of Lebanon area
  7. Armco Park will let you in for a couple bucks as a "guest," typically for those playing softball there.

    But you have to have a membership card to rent a boat. And it is pretty cheap. $18 for a whole day.

    And yes, there are some nice fish there.
  8. catking

    catking Banned

    I'd try Winton Woods...better than average bass lake...but this weekend will probably be a fishermans nightmare,with it being a holiday weekend....Miami whitewater is also very nice, a tad farther, but worth the drive.....very nice........ THE CATKING !!!
  9. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    winton woods would be mine as well. I know the lake very well, the bass fishing has been tough, I fished all day monday and only caught around 8 fish for 12 hours of fishing. I would get a can of corn and a pack of nightcrawlers and head towards the campground. Across from the campground can be good for carp and cats. the best spots are towards the dam, but that is a little far for rowing. If you bring corn, you WILL catch some fish.
  10. Red The Fisherman

    Red The Fisherman River Rambler

    Ronald Reagan park in Mason/West Chester area on Cox Rd. You WILL catch alot of fish, small fish, but alot! By far your best bet, if you want to pay to fish. It's at Voice Of America. 10 -12" Bass, Big Texas Hybrid Gills, Hybrid Bass. Boats are available.