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Country a mess?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by G3HP200, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. Hell you guys talk about the price of oil.How stupid is our country that we outsource everything,soon to include the drive up order taker at McDonald's!They've killed the steel industry.They're killing the Pottery industry(of which I work and not for much longer at this rate).Now they're killing the car market.What all of us need to do is get back to the old days of my grandparents.They tried to buy american made and were very loyal to the brands they loved.Even if they cost a little more.I'm just as guilty as anyone but will from now on try and buy Made in the U.S.A.At the rate the country is going there will be another depression,because we are all living above our means!If you don't believe me ask your buddies they're credit card debt!
  2. it's getting harder and harder everyday to buy american made. just about anything nowadays has parts made all over the globe, even if it is an american company. cars are great example.

  3. lureboy98

    lureboy98 Livin' the Lifestyle

    I've been taking a few economics classes lately and the one thing i've learned is that people are greedy. Like mojo said, you can buy from an american company easily but its products most likely are not american made. I agree that the consumer can do their part, but the majority I feel lies with the business trying to make the greatest profit. With that in mind they will exploit the cheapest labor no matter what country its in and right now it happens to be in other countries. It all comes down to making the greatest profit so you can have more stuff which is greed.
  4. You guys are both right!Then how do we do our part to save ourselves?I don't wanna end up on welfare or working for minimum wage?
  5. Elamenohpee

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    For starters, Support locally owned business. When you do all of your shopping at the mega corporation store you're supporting low wages. It's human nature to pay as little as possible for a product, but in the long run, you're shoot yourself in the foot.

    Buy smart...look at quality before cost. If you buy a pair of shoes for $30 and have to replace them in 6 month, how much are you saving over buying a pair for $60 that lasts 2 years.

    I go to a local butcher who sell boneless chicken breast for $1.99 lb. everyday. The mega store right down the road sells the same thing for $4.99 lb., but runs a buy one get one free deal quite much are you saving?...and I'd bet there isn't a single employee at the mega store who earns what the lowest paid butcher employee earns.
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    iT'S Really to late to stop it..Our days are numbered as a super power..I fear in the next decade we may become a banna republic.
  7. I agree, we are the walmart society. prices are so low there that its just too hard to shop anywhere else, but that mentality just fuels the problem.
  8. We can always drill for oil in the ANWR that will solve all our problems :rolleyes:

    We as Americans are our own worse enemy... Our trade agreements suck for us and our economy and the world market is passing us up because of our policies...
    I'd be dammed before I let Europe and the WTO tell me what can and can't come in and out of my borders then I'd drop out and I'd tell the the United Nations bye bye too...
    Anyone who can point me out a place I can purchase chxn brst at $1.99 I'd be one happy camper...
  9. I'd like to know where that butcher is too!

    But in defense of Wally World, what are you doing with the money you save when you shop there? You spend it. And spend more than you make.

    I think the best way for this country to right itslef is for people to spend within limits. I'm not just pointing fingers, I take the blame too. When I was in college fulltime, I used credit cards to buy books, tuition, and the like. I ended up way in debt. Bailing out wasn't fun, but my head's above water now and my wife instituted a budget which is strictly adhered to. We also use credit cards to our advantage. For example, we typically have one item on our Best Buy card at one time. Last year before our wedding, we bought a video camera from BB. $1100 and 24 months interest free. We pay $100 a month and in three months, it's paid off. that would be about a year in advance of the time we would pay any interest on it. Little things like that help out your credit score immensely.

    Also, save money. Put $25 a pay in your savings account. If you started at age 23 and did this, you would have a million dollars by the time you were 65. I started late, but when I started getting a second pay check from work (its a bonus check, so I get hammered on taxes) I had $25 a pay come out of it to my savings account as well. Neither my wife or I can access our savings account without going to the bank and each of us signing for it. It's adding up to a nice chunk of change. If you have a 401k at work, use it. Fortunately, the company I work for does. We're vested immediately, and they match 4%. If I never get a pay raise, and I retire from Easton, I will have another million dollars in retirement. It all adds up.

  10. I hope that million is still worth a million when you retire...
    Somewhere I saw a place that takes into accounts cost of living adjustments and such well into the future, taking an educated guess you could say, and could tell you what that figure would be worth now compared to then...
    Just a thought but you may want to dbl what your putting away now ;)
  11. dave hiwatt

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    I'll be happy to! Duma’s meats at the Hartville marketplace. Thy also have a farm market outside of Mogadore. If you buy 10 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts its $1.99 a pound. It’s a family operation and they raise some of the best tasting beef and pork in the area. :D .
  12. THANKS Dave...
    Just a tad closer would make me happy I eat allot of chixn :D
  13. Lundy

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    A lot of glass half empty mentality.

    Funny that this talk is coming from guys sitting in front of computers on a fishing website instead of in some welfare line :)

  14. My company was bought out then went from 70+ workers to 6 and I just got layed off and I am #8...
    My glass would be lucky to reach the 1/2 way point :D

    May soon resort to road kills for chow :eek: [​IMG]
  15. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    I really don't like being called a liar turkey
    5716 Mayfield Rd
    Lyndhurst, OH 44124
    Phone: 440-442-8440

    They're closed on Sunday, but you can do a drive-by, there is a sign in the window.
  16. Thats not calling anyone anything dude... If you took it that way I can't help that and didn't intend it as such...
    I can make it there that is not far at all for me...
    Can you tell me is it frozen or fresh?
    I use to drive an hr for good tasting beef so that drive for chixn is not bad at all...
    What else they have?
  17. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    We have boosted the Chinese economy to the point that people over there that never had money to buy cars are now driving. Many of our companies are outsourcing work to China and they are becoming industrialized at a faster rate than we did after Pearl Harbor. The Chinese government has just approved a 12% increase in their defense budget for high tech and long range missiles as well as naval vessels. To reuse an old phrase "We have awakened a sleeping giant"

    Typically the products you buy from there have been substandard quality but that is going to change. Our companies have been sending top level engineers and technicians over there and training them on how to improve the quality of their products. The reason they produced lower quality goods was due to the fact that their manufacturing systems were primitive. Now that their economy has strengthened and grown they can afford to purchase high end presses, injection molds, dies etc. which gives them the ability to produce higher quality goods.

    If you look back in history from sometime after WW2 we began importing goods from Japan to help their economy. The goods were very low quality and were inferior to things produced domestically. We went into a depression and blamed the trade imbalance with Japan for our economic misfortune. The slogan "Buy American" became a houshold phrase. I remember this well as I was a teenager at the time. As you now know the Japanese now produce some extremely high end merchandise, ie; Shimano Stradic reels. Shimano outsources production of all but their top level reels. They know that to sell a fishing reel to an American blue collar worker for over $100 it has to be top notch and the only way to control that quality is to produce it in Japan.

    The big difference between us growing Japans economy versus Chinas is twofold.
    1. They are HUGE(a 12% increase in their defense budget is big)
    2. We did not destroy their naval, air or defense capabilities.
    Their consumption of the worlds oil supply has surpassed ours and is expected to continue to grow as more people there begin to drive as well as require electricity and heating oil.
    This is why our gasoline is at over $2 a gallon(??) Not the only reason but one of the factors that has caused the price per barrel to increase.

    BUY AMERICAN! Look at the doggone tag, boycott, demand American made products. Write or email these companies and tell them you will not buy their products if they outsource. It is probably not a good thing for us to lose our technological advantage to any other nation.

    WOW I need to go fishing! :D
  18. what he said....
    very well put THANKS
  19. It's all true fellas!We might just be a few fishermen sitting in front of our computers but if all of us join together we spend alot of money on our sport and have a BIG VOICE!If we wanna be heard.Just something to think about!Cause I know a few of us that won't be able to afford to fish in a few years and that includes me!That breaks my heart considering I have a 2year old that I want to enjoy it as well.
  20. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    Turk and everyone else in N.E. Ohio,

    Giovanni's is a full service butcher. The chicken is fresh and not sold in 10 lb. lots only, if you want one breast you can buy just one, it is the most tender chicken I ever eaten. They also have 10 lb. bags of chicken legs for 39¢ a lb.

    Right nextdoor (kinda) is Farraro's grocery store (also closed on Sunday) lots of good stuff in there as well...the bread is the best around.

    Point is, sure you'll have to walk a little more or go to more than one store for your work boots ( I recommend Redwing, they'll last years), car tires, chicken and salad dressing, but I'll guarantee you will be "thanked" at the check out and they'll mean it.