Cotton Cordell Big O ????

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by peon, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. peon

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    im looking for a web site that i can order cotton cordell big o g-finish/ silver black .. i have found shops that can get them but only at 600 at a time and they wont order them unless i buy them all...
  2. crappiebub

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    I buy replicas from I use the small black and chrome. They are almost identicle. Only missing one black stripe at the gill and the Stamina cranks have rattles in them. Have trolled with one on each side with same results. Also save some money.

  3. peon

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    thanks but they have no color that looks like the g finish.. and the ones i need are medium divers.... i was told they stoped making them but they will make them on special orders of 600 and bait shops wont buy them hardly ever if at all.. its not for me its for my father in law and im pretty sure he wants the exact lure its item number is c77g4... but thanks any ways
  4. i just bought a bunch of those,kames in canton have a huge selection they have colors u cant get any where else. and dicks by eastwood mall in nileshave the ones u want and so does gander mountain over there.u can also get them online at bass pro or cabelas

  5. peon

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    he wants G-FINSIH silver/ black..... bass pro and cabelas dont have it.. but thanks...