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    Can anyone help me out here. When you put your boat in at Meinke's or the lucas county ramp, as you exit the marina you pass a house/cabin for rent that is on the east side of the channel. The place is right on the channel, has docks out front, I believe boats are for rent right in front of it and I think it has a balcony overlooking the marina on the second floor. Does anyone know who owns this and how I can contact them? Thanks for the help. I've searched the internet up and down and can't come across anything.
  2. I know which place you are talking about.It used to have a banner across the front that read Walleye Willies.You might try that or possibly try contacting Szuch's or Butch and Dennies.They might know who has it.Hope this helps.

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    Or try Meinke's.
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    Walleye Willi's is a great place to stay. You can stay on the top of the house (the owners live in the bottom, Cris and Jim I believe are their names. There is also the bunk house just off the lake that holds between 6-8 people. They only charge $25/night per person. It is a very reasonable place to stay. If you have your own boat they charge $5/day to keep your boat docked in front. I stay there a couple times a year. I will be there the first of April and again in May. They are truly great people. I don't have the number in front of me, but if you still need it, PM me and I can get it to you when I get home.
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    Thanks for all the help guys. Walleye Willie's is the place. The rates are amazing, but unfortunately she has no availability for April at all. I have places I can stay in Fremont and Port Clinton but it would be nice to be right on the lake and not have the extra travel. Anyhow, I appreciate all the help.

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    Have you ever tried Lamberjacks?
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    Yeah, once you get in you must book a year in advance and keep the same dates. I have April 11th and 12th and also May 7th and 8th or something like that. I book them every year for the fun of it. I only live 15 minutes away from the lake anyway, but it is really nice to just keep the boat in the water and come back for lunch and things. In April, you can also get into the Crappies in the marina, so once the limit of walleye comes, I switch over to crappie in the afternoon.