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Cottage owner hit on my wife! (long)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Shive, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. My family was vacationin at Rice Lake last week and we had a blast, we caught and ate lots of gills, crappie, and Bass! My son caught his dream Bass 3.14. Even with a cold front that moved through we had great success... EXCEPT!

    On Thursday nite at the cabin next to ours a party got going... you know it started with a couple of folks and it just grew and grew both me and my wife were there and we were drinking beer others were drinking Manhattans what ever those are. The cottage owners (Husband and Wife) joined in as well. I had promised my son I would fish with him off the docks before the bugs got bad so I excused myself and and left the party. My wife was still there nursing a beer and everything seemed OK to me.

    Later that night when we came in from fishing I could tell my wife was upset but she wouldn't respond to repeated questions about what was wrong. I just figured somebody at the party said something that hurt her feelings (she can be sensitive sometimes). So I let it go! On Friday Grant and I went and proceded to catch over 80 gills in a span of about 3 hours in the 9" to 11" range, so we cleaned them and had a them for the final fish fry of the week , and then we left Saturday morning and got home Saturday night. Up to then I was totaly oblivious to what what my wife was about to tell me!

    She said that she wanted to tell me why she has been so depressed since Thursday night. Apparently sometime after I left for the docks the cottage owner (husband) went over to my wife, he explained that he had noticed something wrong in out cottage and and was wondering if she could explain it. She asked what it was that was wrong and he said lets go over I can show better than I can explain it. When they got to our cabin he started putting his hands on her and explained that he has had feelings for her since last year (our first year staying there). He reached out as though he was going to pull her tube top down and had already tried to kiss her, my wife pushed him away and told him and told him to get out! He tried to convince her that he was for real and she responded that what he wanted would never happen and told him to get out this never happened. He snickered at her and said your the one that came over. She threatend to scream and he left.

    She didn't tell me until we got home because she was afraid of what I would do. She's probably right it would have been ugly, and we don't need legal problems in Canada. But now I don't know what to do...we both agree we can't go back there next year which will crush my son! But I can't be out on the boat with my son wondering if everything is alright with her, and my wife feels in some ways violated even though nothing physicaly happened, fact is he really scared the hell out of her! She was in tears the whole time she told me the story!

    The guy really needs a good beating but thats out of the question now!
    Should I call his wife and explain why we are not coming back next year?
    Should I call him and explain it to him?
    Now that it's after the fact I'm not sure how to handle it what would you do?

  2. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    does he do shows?
    post it all over the internet!

    personaly i would drive back up there!

    or at least call and explain it to the wife

  3. Well, the over-protective man/animal in me would drive back up there and beat the HELL out of him. If you're anything like I am - it's a good thing your wife didn't tell you then and there..........which is probably why she didn't.

    Now - the civilized person in me would either call his wife and explain why you won't be coming back next year - and then find someplace else to go.

    Now - the sneaky bastage side of me would call HIM and tell him you know exactly what happened and that you have already contacted a lawyer and know what the law says in situations like this (you probably should call a lawyer first and find out for real) then you should tell him you want the next "X" amount of vacations FREE and not another incident such as this, or you'll press charges/take him to court for sure.

    Now - the last option isn't legal, I believe it's called black mail - so I wouldn't suggest that.................

    So I guess option #2 is your only choice.............either that or just don't do anything at all and find another place.
  4. Call the police!! Make a report. The way it sounds I think if a few more seconds it would of got very bad. Would I call the guy after I called the police. Sure would. I'm glade your wife kept her cool and got out of a very bad situation.
  5. Shive, where were you staying at? My brother and family was at Rice last week and I'm just wondering if its where they stayed.
  6. I agree 100%, his wife might know what he is doing though, sounds as though he has done it before, cooked up a reason to get her alone, cut right to the chase once he got her behind closed doors, was persistant once he was told no, and didnt seem to panic, you imagine the average Joe trying to pull some crap like that...and then act like everything is everything...Im sorry for what happened to you and your family.
  7. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member


    ..thats a stabbin'

    srsly though, I would at the very least call the guy's wife and clue her in. This sounds like it is a few steps beyond someone simply 'hitting on' someone - its in the realm of assault.
  8. cheezemm2

    cheezemm2 Ohio State Alumni 05'

    You're probably not the only set of people this has happened to. Call the police and the wife. Although very unfortunate to happen, you may be able to save A LOT of people grief down the line by getting this guy under a microscope now.

    Who knows, maybe your complaint will be to a potential laundry list and they'll send an undercover female officer who will show him a good time with a taser to his ta ta's
  9. That was my 1st thought!!!

    Before the wife and I had kids I would probably have done the stupid thing and drove back up there and beat him into intensive care. That would cause you and your family more problems than it would be worth. I would call the law up there although I doubt much will come of it, but at least you tried. I would call his wife without a doubt, but she probably already knows or suspects he is a lowlife so don't expect much on that front either.

    Be glad you and your wife have a good and faithful relationship, find a new camp for next year, and move on as tough as that might be. If you elect to go the "dirty trick" route do an internet serch and you will find there are PLENTY of things you can do to make this guys life miserable and stay within the law.
  10. soua0363

    soua0363 Master of Nothing

    Like stated already..get a lawyer and then own the cottage yourself!!!
  11. Chop I would rather not say where we stayed, until I can figure out what we are going to do! Just curious where did your brother stay because we are looking for a new place!

  12. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Call the local police, He may have done this before and may have a record. You cannot let this dog lie. He will only continue to do it. I would call his wife also. She may be in on it though, they may be swingers. You know how those Canadians are. Seriously though report it to the police as well as the board of tourism many time they will launch there own investigation even if the local law won't because they went to high school together. Pursue legal counsel and get there advice but I would not let this go. my ..02 S
  13. steelheadBob

    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

    pay for my air fair and i could take care of a problem for you, but i dont think they would let me in canada with just a shovel and a hand gun!!!!!!!!!!:mad: :mad:
  14. what place was you staying at, we wear going to go their, and a friend of mind fished their every year with his wife. But she din't go this year hope it was not the same place.
  15. As a husband and father of two you girls, I would hope that you will notify the police. He could possibly be a predator and the cops could at least keep any eye on him. Touching a lady without her permission is totally unacceptable and should not go unchecked. I'm glad you had a great fishing trip but sorry it was ruined by such an ASS.
  16. NUM1FIRE


    if it was me i would call a lawyer first and then the police and see what they say and then i would call the wife and tell her what happened and then i would talk to the husband and i would definately never go back there unless some new owners took over
  17. Do a GOOGLE search and get the Ontario Dept. Of Tourism's number and call them.
    I had a problem years ago with a camp owner and they straightened it out immediately. Being as tourism is a huge factor in Ontario they will put their resources in to play for you.
    Also see if the camp is a member of NOTO and if so contact them.
  18. davycrockett

    davycrockett Fins Feathers Fur

    First of all, where were you staying? If you make it public about the resort, that can go a long way in killing this piece of crap's business. That will really hurt him! A lot of folks from the tri state area go to Rice. If we can spread the word, this resort will have a For Sale sign in front before long. I'm sorry for your wife. I would probably want to kill the guy if this would have happened to my wife. It sounds to me like Rice is going downhill fast. The fishing is terrible compared to 10+ years ago. We haven't been back in 4 years and will probably never go back. I recently heard that where we used to stay(Sandercocks) was sold and was being leveled to make way for a "high class" resort. I'm sorry but Rice doesn't need another one. The income from Rice, comes primarily from AMERICANS and FISHERMEN. Anyhow, with your unpleasant experience, I would say this resort owners actions reflect the shape of the Rice Lake well being in general.
  19. Battery: Law The unlawful and unwanted touching or striking of one person by another, with the intention of bringing about a harmful or offensive contact.

    It is your duty as a concerned citizen and a loving husband to call the police. What this man did was not simply wrong or hurtful, but against the law! Look, this man is a predator. He put your wife in danger. Plain and simple, this deserves Police involvement. Do not call him ro his wife. Do not give any explanation for not returning. Don't interfere with his business. Just call the police and let them do their job. If you don't contact them, someone should. This kind of stuff can't be allowed?

    Here is the Ontario provincial Police Website:
    Here is their phone#: 1-888-310-1122
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