Corey Williams to Cleveland?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by BassCrazy, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. ESPN's John Clayton is reporting that the Green Bay Packers have traded starting DT Corey Williams to the Cleveland Browns for a 2nd round draft choice. The Browns are expected to sign Williams to a 6 year deal worth 38 million. Williams is 6'4" tall and 316 pounds and notched 7 sacks from the DT spot last year.

    What a perfect fit for the 3-4 DE. He is Orpheus Roy's replacement. I'm pumped. Let's hear a collective cheer from Browns fans everywhere! Savage is definitely the man.

    Left on my Browns wish list Calvin Pace (OLB) and Bernard Berrian (WR)

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  2. That's where they need the help, that's for sure. Should be an interesting off season. Lots of things could happen. All good things I hope!

  3. Got to give him credit for getting out there early and getting things done, not letting somebody beat him to it, if they can wrestle a 1st and 3rd out of Anderson that would be huge, I heard yesterday on the NFL Network that if your a team that needs a QB you get him now because there is nobody projected in the 09 who knows that might play to the Browns favor.
  4. I just heard the Browns aquired DT Shaun Rogers in a trade. They gave up their third round draft pick and Leigh Bodden.

    I'm glad to see the Browns landing some FA's, but it sure is going to make for a boring draft this year considering we don't have a pick until the 4th round.
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    True, but Rogers can be an elite player when he wants to. Who would in D-town?

    There are also rumors flying around about the Browns being interested in Lance Briggs and trying to trade for Lito Sheppard. It would be HUGE if the Browns can get both of them!
  6. Never rule anything out with savage. If we get to draft day with only a 4th, two 6ths, and a 7th don't tune out on the first day. you never know what he may be planning. If we get Rogers and Williams to add to the two Smiths, wow. DL is suddenly a strength. I think the team must be really high on McDonald to let Bodden go. So am I. He looked great last year. A little bit of an intimidator for a CB. we'll need some CB depth though.
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    Great pickups for the brownies. That was what needed addresed more than anything else this offseason the d-line. Its time for the brownies to spend some time atop the afc north.
  8. AMEN! Savage is slick...he sort of downplayed this FA & look at what he's done. I'm with you on this...there may be more surprises on draft day. Even if not, he has already upgraded the Browns significantly more than we could have through the draft. I am PUMPED for next season!
  9. You got that right...Oh well, guess I'll have to go fishin' ALL DAY on April 26th instead of just in the mornin'

    The Browns are now legitimate contenders not only in the Central, but the entire AFC.

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