Cordless Drill or Power Auger?

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Ruminator, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Ruminator

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    I have a great 7" StrikeMaster Lazer. I've been wanting to buy a high quality cordless drill to power it as I'm developing some arthritis in my shoulders.

    In looking at the prices for a good cordless drill, I'm wondering about spending some more money and buying a power auger.

    I already have an adapter for a drill that a friend gave me, but that and the Lazer can easily be sold if I were to buy a power auger.

    I know the drill can be used for actual drilling use, but I have a fairly new Porter-Cable corded drill to fill these needs. So I'm free and clear to go either direction.

    What is your experience with either a drill or a power auger?

    What is the best drill on the market for powering an ice auger right now?
    Last year I was looking at a Makita and a Panasonic...

    Is there a power auger namebrand that is the best to buy?
  2. true2plue

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    I tried using my 19V Porter Cable cordless drill, only to find out it just doesn't have the balls to drill several holes. The ice was only about 6", and I was able to barely drill 2 holes. Gas auger is definitely the way to go!!;) BTW...I was using an 8" auger.

  3. Lewis


    Jim,I would probably go with the cordless drill.
    You want at least an 18 volt drill and 2 batteries.
    Remember to keep the batteries warm.
    This should serve your needs very well.
    Remember,I used to make and sell the auger adapters?:)
    Talk to Shortdrift about what fine job his does.

    If you have shoulder troubles..its not very good on them carrying around a heavy power auger anyway.
    Ohio ice thickness on inland lakes usually averages 6-10 inches anyway.
    If you are fishing around crowds firing up a gas auger can make you a few enemies also!
    If you insist on a power auger Jiffy is probably the most recognized name.
  4. Try it and see. I too have a 7in Lazer and didn't have very good luck using a 19.2 volt drill. I might have run it too fast. From what I've learned reading other ice fishing forums over the years, this works best with 6in and smaller augers. I gave my adaptor to a friend yesterday while fishing his pond and he had no trouble at all with his 6in Lazer on a Dewalt drill. Needless to say that he is thrilled with his gift. I purchased a Lazer Mag Express 8in 2hp auger about 3 or 4 seasons ago and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Still kept the 7in hand auger for the thinner ice.
  5. ress


    I have a 4-stroke StikeMaster auger. No mixing gas and oil, starts on at least the second pull. Weighs around 22lbs. It is real quite, you can talk to someone while its running. It's a few more dollars but well worth it. It blows right threw 9" of ice.
  6. PapawSmith

    PapawSmith Bud n Burgers

    I've heard mixed reports on the cordless drill set-up. Seems to work perfect for some and not so perfect for others. :confused: I agree with the noise of the gas augers, not only can you piss off fishermen but nearby homeowners as well on inland lakes. This off season I'm going to get a Ice Gator 7" 24v electric auger. (Made in Western Ohio).They weigh 28lbs, a little heavy, but have plenty of power and battery life for any type of ice I'll ever encounter.
  7. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Yea Lew, I remember. :cool: You still selling them? Good thought about the weight. !%

    I just looked up the IceGator Papaw, now that IS sweet looking!

    The noise to the fish and the fumes for everyone are negatives I've thought of also.
  8. Perchy101

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    But nothing like being out on the lake... hooking up that drill to get some more holes done and finding out your battery is done for.

    I cut 35 holes yesterday atleast... To find the depth and find the area of where the drop offs were and road beds ... Didn't have to worry about a thing... Soon as you find them finish off your holes settle down and fish...

    Go Gas...
  9. PapawSmith

    PapawSmith Bud n Burgers

  10. chaunc

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    I have a strikemaster electra 2000 that i've been using for a few seasons. Had an 8" auger on it. Could only get around 15 holes on a battery. I bought a 6" auger for $130 for it and can get twice as many holes on a battery. I like the bigger holes so i saved up and bought an 8", 2hp gas auger. More and bigger holes now. I'm thinking of selling my electra 2000. With both auger blades its worth over $450. I'd take $350 from an OGF member.
  11. Lewis and I used to get 8 to 10 holes out of a fresh/warm battery using my 12 volt Ryobi on 5/6" ice and a 6" Mora. The key to using a cordless drill is to keep the pressure off the auger blades so you maintain RPM"s and not put a large load on the battery. Carried and extra battery with heat packs in a small cooler. Worked good and a 18 volt should do an excellent job if you drill as I noted. 8" Lazer was too big.
  12. For those fishermen that get pissed and worry about the noise of power augers. Please explain to me how it is I can drill a hole and catch a fish almost immediately afterwards. Not all the time but often enough that would lead me to believe that the it does not bother the fish what so ever. I have had guys drill close to me with power augers ( 10-15 ft ) and the fish continued to bite. Ever notice in Dave Genz's videos that he uses power augers.

    Gosh how does any of us catch a fish out of a boat with an outboard motor ?
    Wonder what that 200 HP sounds like to the fish ?
  13. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Or even with a hand auger for that matter. Those things aren't quiet. Yes less noise than a gas auger but they still make noise yet the fish are still there....

    I'm happy with the gas auger we purchased.
  14. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Sounds like a good deal for someone chaunc.

    Shortdrift, thanks for the tips. They could be helpful to alot of us.

    Papa, and Perchy, it sounds like the noise bothers the fishermen more than the fish.
    10-15 ft. - Wow! I couldn't drill that close to someone's holes! :eek:
  15. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    I wouldn't mind drilling that close to someone as long as I knew em ;)

    Besides if they were perch or crappie fishing more the better in the end anyways..

    But if your chasing after the Eyes and plan on doing alot of jigging in different holes then a gas auger is well worth it... When you get to your spot go drill all your holes to start out and then hole hop jigging...
  16. i have drilled a minimum of 25 holes on one warm battery on low setting...craftsman pro 18.6v with 8" great!!! just make sure when you finish the hole you keep ahold of the auger as it can come "unchucked";) been there...luckily in 3' of water and fished it out with a hook on a broom handle!!
  17. I have a strikemaster lazer mag express 8" gas 2stroke auger I got a couple weeks ago and have to say I love it. It starts easily at 0F and requires no pressure or effort, it simply pulls itself down into the hole with throttle. I don't mind mixing gas and oil, the one gallon I mixed will easily last me all season..I've probably drilled 20-30 holes with it now and haven't refilled the tiny tank or put a dent in the gallon yet. Can't say how it'll last over the long haul but so far I'd recommend it.