Cooter's First Deer

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Lil' Rob, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Well, Andrew (we call him "Stinky" or "Cooter") shot his first deer this past Saturday evening. He got a nice doe on some private property in Medina County. She dressed out at about 115lbs. Andrew used my old crossbow and although it wasn't the perfect shot, it still took out a lung and the liver, even though it exited throuh the abdomen. Regardless, the doe didn't go far, maybe 40-50 yards from where she was shot. We both were out there hunting and I was sitting about 300' from Andrew. Although I could not see him or the deer, I could hear her snorting at him. She could see him sitting on the ground and was probably trying to get him to move. The wind was in his favor...we call him Stinky for a reason :D, so he waited several minutes for her to move into a shooting lane to get the shot off.

    Although we had an unsuccessful morning in the duck blind, the day ended on a excellent note. field dress your own deer next time!


  2. Congrats on your first deer Cooter!!!!!!!!!!! pretty awesome when they come into bow range and you get a chance to shoot.... Now you can get a nice buck when you go to ravenna:! .........

  3. Congrats...hopefully I will fill one of my Doe tags this weekend. The first three weeks I decided to hold off on shooting a Doe though I had a couple of opportunities. Last weekend I finally decided to take a Doe and I never saw one! Hopefully they will come by this weekend. Once again, congrats on your first deer.