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Cooper River, Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by TritonBill, Dec 2, 2004.

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    My wife and I went out today with Glenn Baxley to help him prefish for one of his upcoming tourneys. He took us to the Cooper River which is the river system that flows out of Santee Cooper lakes. It was my first trip their and also my first trip to a tidal river.

    What a neat experience!! It was interesting comparing that river fishing to river fishing back in Ohio. It has its similarities but definately has differences due to the tides too. The tides are like another critical factor in timing and the patterning of the fish.

    To sum up the day we travelled maybe 20 miles around the river fishing different main river hydrilla beds, creek mouths and also up in some lengthy narrow creeks. We each caught fish but nothing really big for down South. My wife caught a striper and a flounder! She gets the odd pot for the day. We also got to see 2 dolphins!! :confused: I guess that is a bonus. The dolphins have been seen in the Cooper river and basically the cooper river eventually does flow into the ocean. It's freshwater mainly though and not brackish or saltwater.

    This place is a flipper and pitchers dream place! This is one of my favorite ways to fish and let's just say that you could get lost for days flipping wood and hyrdilla. It was interesting the history behind the Cooper River and the rice plantations.

    The guy I went out with today is a full time Guide on Santee Cooper here in South Carolina. His name is Glenn Baxley and is a TOP NOTCH friendly kind of guy. If anyone is interested I can give you more info or goto his website at . His rates are very good and he'll show you a good time.

    Glenn, if you happen to read this, thanks so much!

    Well I got my bass fill for the day, tomorrow I guess it's going to be more redfish adventures.
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    have fun bill..and take lots of pics to show us....