Coolest Ice Fishing Toy's Yet- Gotta See

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    Well guys, just got to lay this one on you.....there will be some that know about these toys...but I'll bet there are alot more that dont. (Look up Sno Bear Industries) for the first one and (look up Wilcraft) for your second... Sorry I dont have the "links" handy.... But if you love "ice fishing" you wont be sorry you looked this up..... The SnoBear, is a pure delite to any icefishermans eye ( and should be ) seen it priced around $30.000.....that will shoot you fishing budget for the whole year. Sorry, but I just thought some (not all) would enjoy seeing them......PS let me know what you think. Jon Sr.

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    Well the first short guy to the fence said to the next short guy behind him.....THANKS FOR THE BOOST......Well appreciated... Jon Sr.
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    No problem! I looked around and didn't see a price on the snow bear anywhere. If it's $30,000 it would be a bit out of my budget, if I hit the lottery it'll be near the top of my list!
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    ParmaBass.......I'm a magazine "nut" been like that since I was a kid.. Love to read and learn..never will stop that. I dont save every one (I pass alot, along) .. Went back to In-Fisherman 2006 Ice Fishing Guide and thats where I saw a price listed...I was pretty close $27,900.00 plus extras and I forgot you would need a trailer to haul it around if you didn't live on a lake.That, from what I looked, could run to another $18,000.00 so I guess that what you said about the lottery would have to apply in my case also......Jon Sr. PS....... plus that was two years ago, so now who knows just how much......
  5. wow but I think I would get one of those 6x6s that float before I blew 30 grand
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  7. Wow, I like the Wilcraft alot but was wondering how it would climb back on the ice if it were in the situation pictured. Just seems to me like it would be stuck.
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    I'll pass on those and save my money for when gas goes to $4.00/gallon this Summer.