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  1. :) man, its a thrill reading the post of all thouse steelhaed moving in out of the lake. can,t emagin the thrill of fishing for them. all we get is 1 pound ( or less ) state raised trout.
  2. If you're thrilled just reading about them then you'd probably crap yourself if you hooked into one! :p They have such raw explosive power and can be quite acrobatic. I caught a lot of steelies last season, but every hook up still gets my heart racing. I can't wait for them to show up again here in our streams.


  3. thanks, i,m hoping to get up that way this year. if its any thing like hooking a 15 pound striper i know i will be thrilled.
  4. when should they begin to make their move? does it depend more on temps or the turn of the calendar?
  5. Keith R

    Keith R One On The Turn

    Sometime around the end of Sept. Cooler weather and a good heavy rain to get them in the creeks.
  6. fishinbula

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    they are already on the move. a few are being caught off the wall in fairport right now. give it a few more weeks and you will see bigger numbers of them coming in.