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    I would like to know if anyone out there can tell me if they have personally found a way to deal with the small bones (ossicles) in carp meat. I have fried, steamed, smoked, and canned them but still have to pick the tiny bones out. It's worse than eating blue crab. I've eaten most freshwater fish and for flavor carp is pretty good so I would like to find a way to prepare them. suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Grind them and make fried or baked patties.

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    recipe for smoked carp

    use your favorite wood for smoking. i like a nice hickory plank myself. prepare the fillet by cleaning it. attach the fillet to the plank with clean nails. smoke until fish is flaky and done. then throw the fillet away and eat the board.
  4. I know a few that grind and make patties, like Shortdrift said. Gold on the table, I say !
  5. Ha Ha @fishnfreaks reply.
    "Throw the filet away and eat the board"
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    I see you cook yours the same way I do.:D
  7. i have eaten carp on a few occasions. they arent too bad, have a taste similar to whiting. only problem is like you said the small bones and getting ALL the Red meat/fat off of the filets. if you dont get all that red meat off it will taste like :S :S ! for the bones i take a super sharp knife and "score" the meat verically (upper part of filet) about every half inch or so. season with lemmon pepper and pan-fry. if it werent for all the red meat i would eat them more often, seems like you throw half the meat away after its all cut out. too much trouble IMO, best used for garden fertilizer:D
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    With all the other good eating fish out there why would any one want eat Carp.
    old indian saying for vegitarian is poor fishermen.
    ( or is it Carp Catcher Fishermen ) uck
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    I don't think anyone would be happy if you came back to the dock with a big cooler full of ten pound fish-say bass or walleye or muskie. I think most people wouldn't mind if the carp got thinned out a bit.

    Also a hint to dinkbuster1 about cleaning carp.
    You are so right about the red meat. What I do is filet and skin the carp. Next I cut off the loin meat that was above the ribs. Turn the filet skin side down and look for the longwise indentation that marks the lateral line. Slice the filet in two along this line. You have cut through the red meat at its thickest part. Using a long knife cut into the meat just above the red part at a 45 degree angle. Just before you cut all the way through turn the knife flatter and cut towards the edge of the filet. With a little practice it becomes quick and easy. I'll try the slicing, but I might add a little flour and deep fry in hot oil. That is after I can catch some more.