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  1. Damned invasive species! Keep an eye on your walleye boys!!!!

    Posted Jeff Alexander-Muskegon Chronicle !2-22 08-23:18PM

    An outbreak of tape worms in Lake Huron walleye has Michigan officials urging people to avoid eating sushi with freshwater fish caught in the Great Lakes region.

    The warning came as a Canadian researcher reported the first documented case of Asian fish tapeworms in Great Lakes fish.

    David Marcogliese, a research scientist at Environment Canada’s research station in Montreal, reported the discovery of Asian tape worms in Lake Huron in the most recent issue of the Journal of Great Lakes research.

    The foreign tape worm, the 186th invasive species documented in the Great Lakes, likely imported to the region with infected bait fish, Marcogliese said in the article.

    ‘’This parasite is known to cause weight loss, anemia and mortality in young fishes””, Marcogliese said.

    Numerous anglers began finding tapeworms in Walleye caught in Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay, according to a Michigan department of Natural Rescources memo. Fish from some inland Michigan also were infected with tapeworms, according to the DNR memo.

    Some species of tapeworms are native to the Great Lakes fish.The discovery and proliferation of Asian fish tapeworms is a recent phenomenon that could harm walleye and other fish species, according to DNR officials and Marcogliese said.

    Researchers indicated the Asian fish tapeworm, one of the world’s most pernicious invaders, will likely spread across the Great Lakes region. The tapeworm can grow to one-foot long in large fish, such as carp, Marcoglniese said.

    DNR officials said it is safe to eat that have tapeworms, provided the fish are thoroughly cooked, smoked or pickled using normal food preparation techniques.

    “We do not recommend making sushi from any species of fresh water fish as the risk to humans is not known,” according to the DNR memo. “It is a very bad idea to eat any freshwater fish raw or poorly cooked as fish parasites use fish use fish-eating mammals and birds as hosts and it is not known if humans can also act as hosts.”

    The mere sight of tapeworms can tarnish a fishing trip—the creatures are known to slither out of the mouths or gills of dead fish.

    To avoid finding a tapeworm in your cooler, DNR officials recommend gutting fish immediately after catching them and disposing of the entrails after returning to land. It is illegal to discard fish guts in Michigan waters.
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    Great. All that "Homeland Security" money, and they can't stop a worm. But don't you get close to the border or the nuke plants.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. No danger of me eating sushi to begin with...let alone sushi from industrial great lakes.

    Hey, maybe this tapeworm invasion will have a silver lining. Hungrier fish!
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    thanks for the heads up Carl---i cant believe the coast guard let that worm sneak in! :S
  5. As soon as Homeland Security tells the shipping industry that they cannot dump ballast'll stop..
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    I know, it's that simple, so why has another invasive species got into our system? All that money being spent to control us, but they can't stop a ship from dumping ballast? Perfect example of government in action.
  7. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  8. I found what I thought to be tape worms in some of the walleyes I cleaned last year. I never found them (the worms), in the flesh, but laying in the gut pile while filleting the fish. Something caught my eye one day while cleaning some fish. I poked them with my knife, but they didn't move. They appeared dead. I've never seen a tapeworm before, only pictures, but these looked exactly like all of the pictures I have seen. They looked like white, segmented ribbons, about 3-4 inches long.
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    Ive got 20 extra pounds from the holiday ... one of those suckers should help .... lol .... Thanks for the post ,,, very important information to share
  10. darn,,,first the girls and now the dam fish!!!!!
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    WHAT !?!?!? Girls have tape worms too??? !!! :eek:

    Thanks for the heads up Carl!