converting Hi-8mm to digital??

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  1. Guys,
    I've got video from last Saturday of a huge 11-12pt that still had a huge rack. The only problem is it was taped on a Hi-8mm video camera. Does anybody know if/how I can convert this video to a digital version? I have a Canon digital video camera(mini-dv ModelZR-600) that I would like to convert it to so I can post video and pics to the internet.
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    Your camera should have a firewire or Ilink, whatever you wish to call it, port on the back. You will need to get a firewire card and put it in your computer and then you will be able to capture the video on your hard drive. There is also a USB cable that is cheaper BUT the video quality will be noticeably worse. It's around 50 bucks for the card and 30 bucks for the cable to go the firewire route and if you plan on capturing video anymore it's worth the extra cash.

    Also if your camera is a Mini-DV it is already in digital formation(DV-digital video) it's just recorded on tape, all you want/need to do is capture it on your hard drive.

  3. Ski, I think Athensfishin has you answer, but. If this is a one time deal, give your local photo shop a call and see if they can help you.

    I had some H 8 put on a DVD at a local shop, the price was very reasonable.
  4. athens works assuming ski has a 8mm camcorder as well as his minidv camcorder. otherwise he is best off following blue pike's suggestion.

    connecting a 8mm camcorder to the canon minidv is simple enough and plugging the firewire cable into the computer is simple enough but then you need the correct software to record the video to your computer and then invariably you will want to convert it to mpg format as 1 hour consumes approx 20GB of disk space in avi format.

    a 20GB avi compresses to about 2GB in mpg2 format. then, of course, you need nero (or something similar ) to burn to dvd.

    rendering avi to mpg with an older computer is a slow process (hours). with the newer dualcore processors, it's fast (minutes).

    I've recently converted about 35 8mm tapes to mpg on my system - that's a lot of work, considering I still have to burn them to dvd.
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    Ok I think I skimmed over the 8-mm part I see what he is saying now. He has it on 8-mm but was saying he could put it on his Mini-DV. Like was said still do-able but if this is just a one time thing take it to someone to do it for you.
  6. ok,
    here it is. I have about 5 minutes on one Hi-8 tape and 30 minutes on another Hi-8 tape. i want this vidoe converted to dvd. I thought I would be able to use my new mini-dv camcorder to convert it somehow. The only connections I have coming out of the Hi-8 camera is the standard yellow video plug. My canon has several of the new plugs.
    I went to best buy today and they have a plug (pinnacle-dazzle DVD recorder)ofr 54.99 that has several different connectors, that plug into your computer. it comes with software to convert.
    I am going to look into this option and also got to cord camera to see if they can help. I am also going to reread what what mentioned above and try to understand it better.
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    I just plug my HI-8 camera into the front inputs of my DVD/VCR player/recorder and copied all my HI-8 tapes to DVD. I also transferred all my old tapes from my VHS camera to DVD.