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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Nightprowler, Nov 9, 2008.

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    Has anybody switched from regular analog tv (antena or rabbit ears) to the new converter box? Do you still need antena or rabbit ears? Do you have better reception or any more channels?
  2. If you need an antenna now you will still need it with the converter. The picture quality is better and you do get extra programming on most channels.

    We have an old 13" color tv at work with a portable antenna. We used to get a watchable picture on channels 19 and 64 in Cincinnati. Channel 5 or 12 would sometimes come in fuzzy.

    Sometime last week someone brought in a converter box and we now get a very good picture on channels 5, 12, 14, 19, 48, and 64. Channel 5 has an extra channel for weather. Channels 12, 48, and 64 have at least one extra channel each. Channel 14 has 5 or 6 separate programs, and channel 19 has an extra channel with no current programming. For some reason we get nothing on channel 9.

  3. I was talking with a sales guy at Circuit City and he told me that with the new digital broadcasts, you'll either get the signal or you won't--no more fuzzy pictures. You'll still need the antennas, etc.
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    this is true. it is the nature of discrete (digital) vs. continuous (analog) signals.
  5. That is somewhat true. The marginal reception will not be a snowy picture but rather you will start to lose small blocks of the screen in random areas. I have one channel that we only get around 25-30% signal strength with the antenna the way it is currently and we get this happening on it. I had never bothered turning our antenna to see whether we could pick up Cleveland/Akron channels because it didn't seem worthwhile but I think I am going to try it. We are 70-80 miles away. I know there used to be certain times when I would get the analog signal even with the antenna not pointed in the right direction. Our Columbus reception has been great (85-95% signal strength). We are 45-50 miles from most I believe.
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    tuning the antenna works somewhat. ive had my box installed since spring/early summer. i was getting the weak signals where you'd see the little blocks appear and the picture would freeze like a dirty dvd. i then saw a program on this old house where they showed you how to tune it and it works, but is it worth climbing up on the roof to do it....i guess. 1st thing to do is go in to the menu and see what you antenna/reception power is. you'll find it. then point your antenna away from the city your trying to pick up. i live southeast of cleveland, so i pointed my antenna towards the southeast. it did improve it some. for rabbit ears, im not sure what you do with them. i guess just move them till the meter on the screen says your reception is a max power.
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    anybody have a couple extra coupons? PM me
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    Will there be any monthly charge to someone to use the converter boxes?
    I heard there will be. :(
  9. no monthly charge for over-the-air digital tv. that includes buying the converter box and plugging in your antenna. It's free, once you buy the converter box.
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    What about the antenna? Can I use my old one? I see they're selling digital specific ones now. Should I upgrade?
  11. You can use just about any antenna but a roof mount would be the best. Perhaps a decent Yagi if you are far out from the stations broadcast.
  12. I did a bit of research on the antenna when I was looking at buying my unit. What I found out is that the old style antennas work just fine. In fact they package the new antennas with a label on them saying DTV compatible when they are really just the same thing as before. I replaced my antenna only because my old one broke but I put up the same exact style from Radio Shack. Basically if you are currently getting fairly decent reception with an antenna then your digital reception of that same channel will be even better. I am about 45 miles from Columbus and I receive 85-95% signal strengths and the pictures are crystal clear. I used to get some snowy pictures at times but not any more. Part of it may be the new antenna but as I said it is the same style and size as my old one. I only installed a 90" unit that cost $60. They make a same style in like a 160" for just around $100-110 but I don't even have mine far enough off the roof to clear it with the large one.