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Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by JimmyZ, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. I didnt have any luck myself:mad: my brother finally got drawn for ravanna arsenal, guess I will keep trying, did get an early season blackpowder salt fork permit and from what I have been hearing lately from a few guys isnt to encouraging, anyone from on here have anything to say about the salt fork early blackpowder season that is in oct.

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    another year and no pic for Ravenna or Plum Brook, At least i got wildcat hollow.... i mean i got screwed... used to hunt salt fork for free in early muz season... same option on wildcat... now i forked over $3 for the same **** i use to get for free.... kicker is everyone gets a permit that applies.

    Saltfork was low on deer the last couple years... figured i would try wild cat this year.

    Any one want to hunt together for that let me know... otherwise i am heading down alone.
  3. I got picked for an adult muzzleloader hunt in mosquito creek. The date is 1/18/08. I would like to trade it for either Plumbrook or Ravenna arsenal. If anyone is intersted let me know.
  4. I got drawn for the opening day for the Nasa/Plumbrook hunt on 11/03, unfortunately thats my wedding day so I am interested in trading with someone for the same hunt but on a different day. Please let me know ASAP!
  5. IMfowl, I do not have a controlled hunt to trade but would be willing to trade an Erie fishing trip or summit climbing tree stand if interested.

  6. Imfowl55,
    I don't have Plumbrook,
    But I have Ravenna Oct 20th I might be intrested in Trading.
  7. thanks for all the offers, but i already traded it!