controlled hunt question

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by jrsfish, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I wonder if the controlled hunt permits are transferable? I just saw the results and two people I know were drawn and are definetly are not hunters,I dont beleive people should be allowed to apply when they have no intentions of hunting at all,just to pass the permits to someone else.
  2. You can transfer most if not all of them.

  3. I guess the state just wants the extra money,not concerned about the fairness of the drawing.
  4. Yep, they are transferable. I have heard that the money barely covers the administrative costs and costs of the GreatLodge website to run the hunts. But who really knows?

    I wish they would do what they kicked around at one time. Make you enter the hunts when you buy a hunting license. It would just be an option when they do the license then all hunters would be licensed, you have an equal shot at getting drawn, and it would save the state a pile of money (After all, they claim to break even on it....). Im sure there are reasons why it can't be done that way.
  5. Thats the number of applications,by my math thats 44,044X3.00= 132,132 I think they should make a few bucks out of that.
  6. its about time that people are waking up. i wish the state would look up the original applicant and see that it is somebody who has never owned a license. they really need to make it so that you have a current license number that you have to put with your application. any how, we hunters that have some morals should start contacting the state on how they should change the system. that is what they have the open houses for, right? the system now really stinks