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  1. Hey everyone, I am going to have a chance to fish the Conny tomorrow afternoon. I have never been there and wondered if anyone had any tips. I usually fish the Chagrin so this will be a nice change! If anyone wants to join you are more than welcome, just PM me and we will get together. I plan on starting around 12:30 - 1:00. Finally a short day of work!!!
    -Liquid Assets
  2. Three words, SPOOKY, SPOOKY, SPOOKY.

    and STRESSED.

    low/clear/warm water conditions.

    go light

  3. Maybe I should pass then until better conditions... I am from the Akron area so I will be crossing the Ash, and Grand...Maybe I'll try one of those!!
  4. very low very clear caught one on monday she had 4 hooks in her mouth, im going to wait till we get some rain, there nt hitting real good yet
  5. Should wait till we get more rain. Water is very low with very little flow. Difficult to get a decent drift.
  6. went out this morning for a couple of hours, went 6 for 9. flow wasnt much better water was a little stained couple of pics in my gallery