Conny Steelies 2/25/09

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JimmyC, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. JimmyC

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    Hit conneaut creek today........brought home 8 and released 8 others

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  2. sweet! i love fishn conneaut. jus wish i knew a few more spots. where i fish is up by the lake and i guess its all jammed up. according to the report. it takes me about 2 hours to get there i think so dont wanna waste the time. i was thinking of checkn hogsbak and see what it looked like. havent been there yet this year.

  3. Way to go guys looks like you add a lot of fun and those are some nice fish
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    sweet, whatyagitemon??
  5. JimmyC

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    Ez, We were using egg sacks/nets that we made a few days before! Fished them about 5ft. under a bobber. We were catching them on all three colors that we, orange, and yellow! ....the water had some clarity but not enough for them 2 be too picky...We made the sacks with eggs from a steelhead my brother caught last sunday. We usually do pretty good with jig and maggot but its hard to get away from those sacks when they're hitting them!
  6. nice fish there. we fished beside you guys yesterday we just could not get them to bite it seemed like they was just in that one spot you guys was drifting threw. i did not want to crowd you guys so i just fished below you and above you guys. nice job on the fish again
  7. Nice! I know that spot!
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    Diddo, amen & I know what your saying.