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All I can say is - I LOVE CONNY!

Wow. That perch fishing is fantastic. Got there and starting fishing (after our 5 hour drive) around 10:30. Snugs didn't have any minnows, so we picked up 2 bags of frozen shiners. We were on them right away near the pack 5 miles out in 59' of water. The perch didn't really seem to mind the frozen bait. Set our minimum size at 8.5" and had 60 by around 5.

Having heard reports of walleye 11 miles NW of Conny we headed out there with our 2 home made rod holderd and Amish Outfitter trolling bags. We have no planer boards or anything else - just baitcasting rigs.

Well - we sure gave it a shot! Marked quite a few fish at about 55' down in 72' of water. Not having any true sense of where our crawler harnesses were, we trolled around at 2.2 MPH but didn't get a thing. I tried letting out different amounts of line - but now that I'm thinking about it I should have erred on the "too high" side. Maybe we were way too deep. It was OK though - the lake was just perfect. Not another boat in sight. We tried for several hours and may have had one strike, but couldn't make it happen without the right equipment.

Talked to a helpful guy on 68 who suggested going out to the 10 line, which we did. The fish were there - that's for sure. Whoever that was - thanks for pointing a newbie in the right direction. :)

Got back to Conny, put the boat on the trailer and headed to the Days Inn for the night. I've got to say - the food there is fantastic. The wings Billy makes are some of the best I've ever had.

OK - so got up at 5 am. Snug had some Goldies and we picked up 2 scoops.

At the ramp a guy suggested a bit deeper - saying the jumbos were there. (We only caught 2 huge ones the day before) so we headed out there. We were one of the first boats to arrive.

It was a bit choppier and we had to add 100' of rope to the anchor. After it finally grabbed - the fish were there. 61' deep. The size of school was unbelievable. One after the other - doubles on every other cast. We moved our minimum length up to 9 1/2" once we realized we were on the big ones.

We use the 5 count bucket and then dump into the cooler. We "thought" we got our 60 and headed in by 8:30.

Got to the fish cleaner and realized we were one bucket short - at 55. (2 guys). Bummer.....but can't really complain.

Fish dinner tonight!

I love Conny.
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