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I hate this cold weather...Seems like if its under 50 id rather be in a tree stand than fishing...lol However the mix of Perch trips makes things a little more fun...

Got up late friday and lake was BLOWING put a few extra lines on the boat and said a prayer...was still there in the morning, but the lake was still not happy...We waited till about 730am to go out for perch. Boxed up 180 nice jumbos in a few hours and headed for home...Salted bait worked fine...

Sunday expecting calmer seas...nope not this year...what you're expecting just flip it...It was a washing machine sunday morning when we dropped the hook. We put 240 perch into the cooler in 3hrs ran a bit north set up for walleyes and boxed 20 walleye and a steelie...All nice sized fish too.

I am winding down...
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