conneaut 2/22/09

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  1. hey everyone. went up to conneaut today with a buddy and had a great day of fishing. caught 11 and lost 5. 2 biggest were 28inch and 29.5 inch. all fish were caught on skein that we tied up the night before. got some good pics that i have to get off my partner so i can post them. creek had a lil bit of slush on her but we managed to get alot of really good drifts. pics comin soon! :B
  2. nice job on getting them fish. we fished up there sat alot of slush ice for us. hope to get up there wed or thured if the creek is ok.

  3. Good job. Fishinbula and I fished the Ash and it was too slushy. I then went further west on my way home and hammered them. It was weird because the fishing was great in the slush. Once the slush burnt off, the bite stopped.
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    Nice job guys almost thought about heading that way after the slush shut down the ash but thought it would be the same that way with the snow storm we had sunday so I me and Archman left and sounds like he found them out west.

    Like Archman said we hit the ash on sunday morning. Lots of slush archman landed to then the slush just added up. I went for a little swim would like to remind guys be careful around the ice and ledges.

    Sounds like I should of followed you out west. Where did you end up going Archman. Let me know shoot me a pm and I lost your number had to get a new phone the buttons were shot and they couldn't transfer the numbers.
  5. Yes it was weird. it was probably the best ive ever done in the slush. and then wen it burnt off at about 3:00 we only had a bite or 2. weird is right haha. headed back up wed. for some more action i hope
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    Hey Joel, did you go up to where i told you i was on sat.??????
  7. No, I wasn't really sure where that was.
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    next time you hit the ash, call me, ill tell you were its at!:)