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Conditions Clearing/Rocky Fishable

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by saintmathew, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. A friend and I went out to various spots in the rocky casting minnow and sucker spawn patterns on the fly. We also fished various baits. They seem to be hitting mostly minnow pattern for the fly and jig and maggot (white body/any color head) for the bait fishermen. Some were using minnow bait pattern too. Water temp was about 33 degrees or so. We were surprised to get a phone tip of some open fishable spots. Be careful on the ice and do not attempt to step out on it unless you are hooked up to the chest with neoprene. Lots of moving shelf ice, whcih is very dangerous as well. The water was very clear and I predict as soon as the temp in the air warms up, the ice will melt and things will be more back to normal. This is the second fish I caught that day. She gave me a good 20 min, female, 30 inches. I was not sure if this one would make it after that fight, so I thought I would keep her for smoking. Oh, and if anyone wants a great smoke recipe let me know. Be careful out there. Looking good. Fish are congregating in slower/deeper pools in the open ice.


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    Nice fish Saint !!! Also, nice hearing from you ............. CATKING :)

  3. What did it do, hit it's head on some ice on an airborn jump? You would think this time of year it wouldn't be that hard to revive a steelhead since it's so cold and they don't fight that much.
  4. whatever! this is like the 2nd fish i have kept out of any river or trib in ohio this year. anyway, is this all you have to do with your time, harass me? you have not posted on this site since the k.i.s.s event, which pretty much tells me you made up your screen name/handle to play games with me. well, this is not the forum for that. i am asking you to please stop this, keep peace, and ultimately grow up!

    sorry everyone for the bs. the matter is being handled by the proper people. sorry for this.

  5. THANKS for the report...
    Try being a little more thick skinned and ingnore what needs to be...;)
  6. How do you get to the rockie from 480 ??? i live in seven hills would like to try it with my new Micro Fleece Wader Liner ALSO do you think egg sacks would work now ???
  7. Best way off 480 is grayton rd. exit as soon as you pass the airport. Stay left on the exit ramp and turn left on grayton rd. You go maybe a mile and make another left on Puritas. As soon as you get to the bottom you'll be crossing the bridge over the river at the golf course. Make a right and you can fish anywhere from here to the mouth of the river maybe 4 miles or so. Spawn sacks or minnow should work fine now.
  8. Thanks for the info Bajuski
  9. turkeyman,
    MUCH need advice for myself here! i need to ignore people like him. sorry, i will try to keep this crap off the boards. i know that's the last thing guys want to read. it's taken care of. i need to control my temper. i am not such a "saint" when it comes to idiots, but i apologize, seriously.

    oh, and where do you hunt for turkey at in ohio?

    well, your question about 480 is answered. hope to see you around. in my opinion spawn, is the last thing i would try. they are mostly taking minnows or a minnow pattern on the fly. i hit a few on a white jig and maggot with a salmon colored head too. try that first. i did better with that than minnows for bait. everyday can be different with steelhead. you have to try lots of things and not stick with just one for too long. hope that helps. if you want locations to fish coming from your direction PM me.

  10. I use to run a guide service in Morgan, Noble and Muskingum Counties and still hunt those same areas which I have been hunting since 1979... Now we need some rainless springs to bring the population back up to the level it once was which was top 10 in the US...
  11. a few people have been pming me as to what open water at the rock we have been fishing. if you want that info, do the same. i just got a call from my buddy saying he got 2 nice males 8-9 lbs. so, if you want the info let me know. i will be out sat. anyone wanna meet up?

  12. Saint?? how about Marabou Jigs i have black with siver strip i sent you a PM
  13. I used to used those jigs all the time, that color and Maribou style. You can try it. It should work. I did not get your PM, by the way, sorry.

    A few of us are meeting at my place around 5:30-6:00 in search of more open water and just a good day of fishing Sat. morning in anyone wants to meet up, PM me. Later.