Concrete Thingy Report

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I hit the conrete thingy this weekend. I lit the smallies up!!! Probably caught 25 or so in the ammount of time i was there. Water was flowing perfect and color was clear.

    Got the smallies on tubes off the bottom.

    It was just nice to get out and fish....

  2. creekcrawler

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    Good job! I knew the river would be heating up this weekend. Too bad I was downstream cleaning boats at the marina!

    Have'nt seen a concrete-thingy report in a while!:p :p

  3. What's the concrete thingy?
  4. creekcrawler

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    The concrete-thingy?
    Why it's the thing right by the ..[ooof!], [smack], [pow!])

    owwwww. My head hurts..... :( :( :p

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please


    Cant tell's a secret society thing... ;) ;)

  6. creekcrawler

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    If you ain't got the secret handshake, can't tell ya.....
  7. Why put the "concrete thingy" in the heading of your post if you won't tell people what it is? Why not just say you caught 25 smallies on the river?
  8. Most people that fish this river know what he's talking about.
  9. Lewzer

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    Be creative. Use your brain.
    Go to advanced search, type in his user name and check his past posts. Or better yet, type in "concrete thingy".
    It's not all that difficult if you use your God given brain.:rolleyes: :eek: ;) :D
  10. the pipe line in the grand?
  11. If you don't want to tell me it's no big deal. I believe my question was simple, and did not require the extra in some responses. I don't fish that area but found the name interesting. So whatever, I find secret societies lame a sign of an individuals inability to stand alone.
  12. Secret society... That's rich! LOL!

    Let's see.... Concrete... Big... Northeast section...

    Guys, one of the best things about fishing is learning different waters and figuring it out for yourself. Hints are a great motivator to get out there.

    So, if you were looking to catch smallies like Flash had mentioned, where would you look to find them?

  13. I think that was the point of "Concrete thingy". Nice Job Flash any size to them? By the way what is the concrete thingy? LOL j/k :D
  14. That's right, I think half the fun is finding the good spots on your own and figuring out what baits and lures work best in that area. I've been fishing for about 14 years and I have my spots and believe me it took me that long to figure these places out to catch lots of fish and I am still learning even more places as time goes on. I think KSUFLASH was being awful friendly giving up the info that he did.
  15. I fished the "German Thingy" today for a couple hours. Got two eyes(16&19") and a 20"channel cat. There "Players", figure it out-that's all I'm gonna say!
  16. If you had said "Frenchy Thingy" I would have guessed LaDue.......Although a kraut i'm clueless about a "German thingy"
  17. BigMha

    BigMha QQn 4 that "ONE" big fish

  18. Capital of Germany is.....
  19. i was just fishing the glass thingy... got 2 6 inch gold fish and flushed them in the porceline thingy. kids are gonna be mad, mommy killed those swimming thingys. :p
  20. Deutschland...Deutschland...uber alis..:)