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Concrete and asphalt

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Skunkedagain, May 27, 2004.

  1. Looking at having a driveway and parking pad installed at my house. Driveway will be about 200' by 8' and the parking area about 800 sq ft. anyone have any ideas how much this will cost.(asphalt) Also need 50' of sidewalk and a 240 sq ft patio done in concrete! I'm in the Marysville area so if you know someone in this line of work feel free to recommend them! Thx!
  2. shadowman

    shadowman Supreme Being

    have no clue as to cost but if you want a peice of advice if it were me i,d go concrete all the way, it will cost more for sure but in the long run the concrete will hold up much much better not to mention that you won,t have to reseal it every year or two like you have to with asphalt and the maintence time will be nil with the conctrete, i wish i would have done this myself but the tar job was cheaper in the beginning.......... :cool:

  3. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    shadowman is right.i'd go with crete for the drive,if you've got the's worth the difference in price.a blacktop job will last a long time,if you maintain for cost,i can't help much either,as i've been out of the business too long,and haven't kept up on prices,but i'll guess $1.50-$2.00 per square foot for crete.
  4. I paid $4.50 per square foot to my builder on my new house last summer for an extra sidewalk and an extra parking pad. I got a cousin in PA in the concrete business and he had said that price was pretty fair. Hope this helps.
  5. I work for Anderson Concrete in Columbus and will have to agree with these guys, go with concrete if you can. With what you have you need about 35 yards of concrete and you could probably get for around 75 bucks a yard. Call Buckeye Readymix, they have a plant right in Marysville. If you form up the stuff yourself you can probably find someone to finish the concrete for around $1.50 per sq/ft if they have to tear out stuff and form it you may be looking at $5.00 sq/ft. If you are going to go with concrete let me know and i will give the number to a few conctractors that work in your area.
  6. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Four years ago I tore out our ancient blacktop, and graded and tamped the drive myself. I hired a guy to form, pour it, and finish it. This included the first coat of sealer. I had seven yards poured, and with the dye I had added(much darker gray) it cost me $8,000.
    If you go with the concrete, understand that you will still need to seal it also every couple of years as well. Mine lasted three winters and then needed resealed.
    Make sure you find out what type of sealer your contractor uses: whether oil-base, or acrylic(water)-base. You will need to match the type when you reseal.
    A good way to do it is to pressure-wash it on a hot day, cleaning out all the pores and crevices; then using a pump sprayer apply the new sealer. Resealing is a great way to extend the life of it, especially from the deterioration from winter salt dragged up on it, and dripped on it.
  7. I just had my driveway torn out (asphalt) and replaced with concrete. I got numerous estimates and they all ran pretty close to $3.00/ sq ft. That included the tear out, removal, forming, pouring and finishing. That also included stamping and coloring the walkways so you may be able to find it cheaper if you don't want it stamped and colored.

  8. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like concrete is the way to go. I guess I need to get a few estimates. Twistertail, if you can shoot me a few names I would appreciate it. Thanks
  9. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    my "guesstimate" was for labor only to form and pour.add the cost of crete and it adds up to about what hawghunter paid,which sounds good.but many contractors will jack their normal rates for individuals,if they do a lot of work for general contractors or builders.,sounds like you got hosed :eek:
    8 grand for less than 700 feet?that sounds way out of line,even if you had it dyed and stamped :eek:
    i think i'll get back into the concrete business,for that kind of money ;)
  10. CreekFloater

    CreekFloater Have Water, Will Fish

    Hey Skunked: A buddy of mine does this for a living and he ballparks the price at about $2.00 per square foot. However, the bigger the job, usually the less per square foot he charges. He also has been known to give a small break for people who will pay him in cash. You know, with cash, he can avoid reporting it to the gove....I mean his wife.
  11. Hey misfit, actually 7yds would be about 560 sq/ft that comes out to a little over 14 bucks a sq/ft and for colored stamped concrete that is about right, average is between 13 and 16 bucks a sq/ft for that kind of work. Its about 2.5 to 3 times more expensive for stamped colored concrete, but is sure does look good when its done right.
  12. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    567 feet to be exact ;) ,but what's a fewfeet when you're talking thousans 0f$ :eek: ;)
    as i said before,i've been out of the business for awhile,and haven't kept up on pricing,but 16 bucks still sounds pretty steep.i know the stamped stuff is nice,and have a few friends who have had it done,but it's been a few years.

    is andersons still selling to summit,or have they got their own batch plant now?i worked for J.L. in the 70's and 80's,and the a lot of anderson drivers hated us cause we would work them too hard and long :D
  13. They have their own trucks and load from our plants. The drivers dont mind them so much but the plant guys dont care all that much for them since they will load sometimes till 7 or 8 at night. They sure do buy a lot of concrete though. What did you do for J.L.?
  14. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    yeah,i knew they had the trucks for a few years,andbought from you,but were talking about building their own plant.i see they haven't changed much,with pouring at all hours,lol.we used to have them out after midnight sometimes.late on fridays on holiday weekends,etc.
    really got them fired up,lol.
    that was before lacko bought his own trucks.
    i did everything in the 8 years i was there.worked the wall crews,ran footer crews,did repair work,and drank lots of beer ;)
    that was way before they went into flatwork,digging and bought the mixers.
    have you ever talked with,or met jerry or tony?
  15. Still dont have their own plant. I heard they looked into but didnt want to have the upkeep and all that stuff plus have a few people to run the plant. Also we have 7 places they can load from if they got there own plant they would just have one. It works out pretty good for both of us right now. I have met both Tony and Jerry, both pretty nice as long as everything is going smooth but can turn pretty quick if ya know what i mean;) Jerry is usually in Florida fishing in some big game tournement.
  16. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    haha.i know exactly what you father,like son :eek: :D
    saw a lot of it through the years i worked for jerry.tony was still a kid then.
    i figured jerry would be spending more time in florida,after turning things over to tony.he had a company down there at one time,but i don't know if it's still going or not.
  17. They have both been in the office here a few times for lunch and its went pretty well but you can just tell that Tony could turn pretty quick. i guess Jerry fishes in these billfish tournements that have like 5 and 10 grand entry fees:eek: I talked to him last year and after the first day of one he was in first place but it went on for a few weeks, i think by the end he was not even in the money anymore. They are by far our biggest customer.
  18. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    yeah,they've been a big buyer for a long time.that's one of the reasons they could get service,pretty much when they want.
    maybe i'll stop by and pay jerry a visit,and ask him to pay my entry to join him in one of those tourneys :D ;)
    i used to fish his pond when we got rained out at work.when he would ask why i would fish in the rain and not work in it,i always just told him it was lots more fun :D
    he would then threaten to ban me from the pond on rain days ;)
  19. At least he let you fish there, we have a great pond right by the office and we can only fish it once a month. Last year a guy caught a flathead that was about 40 pounds, i caught a 6.5 largemouth a few years ago. There has been 15" perch caught and 16" crappie as well as 10 and 11 inch bluegills. They put wippers and walleye in there a few years ago. Its a great lake and probably by only being open once a month makes it even better.
  20. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    sounds like you have a great private big fish hole that will be good for some time,even if only once a month.
    jerry had BIG grass carp(among other things)in the pond,that i would get on the fly rod.what a blast. :cool: