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concealed carry

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by macfish, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. I was wondering if anyone here has went for there permits. Iam hearing so many different stories as to the classroom part and the fire range test, can anyone give me the right info.? Thanks Jerry

  2. worminator

    worminator I'll be bach

    I took the class last year just before we were able to apply. also where are you located?? What county???? Some counties are handling the applications a little different. The class I took was once a week for seven weeks, 3 hrs a night. The first five weeks were classroom and some shooting. The last two weeks were range time only. This was more than enough time on the range. I think they require 2 hrs of range time. Hope this helps.
  3. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Macfish, I took the test of December 15th. It was one day long and cost me 100 dollars.

    The class consist of 10 hours classroom training and 2 hours in the field firing live ammo. The place where I took my test is called "Liberty Firearms Protection Training" It's located in SW ohio, near Seaman Ohio. The instructer is a retired deputy sherrif and now does this full time along with training police officers.

    The actual classroom work is VERY common sense. However, you learn a lot about the laws and what not. We also did senario training where you had to decide weather or not you could deploy deadly force. We used Soft Pellet guns during this training where we acutally got to shoot the instructors. You also learn about many senarios where you can or cannot use deadly force. Our instructor also gave us the run down, in the event you ever had to use it what to expect.

    The firing range test was very easy. Under Ohio law you basically can't use deadly force if you 21 feet or futher away from your assailant. Basically at that range, you could run away and avoid the situation. All firing is done somewhere in the area. We had to fire about 20 shots from that distance accuarly into a target. Then we did moving while firing techniques which was basically "strafe" shooting.

    The test we took was all True or False questions with the exception of one written question. The test was painfully easy and about as common sense as common sense gets. People sitting near me cheated on the test! Before we took the test the instructor handed out pencils and paper and then we reviewed for the test. Basically the instructor went down the sheet and verbally asked us each question in numirical order. Whenever a answer was false, this select few would jot down the answer on the paper. If the test wouldn't of been so easy I would have told on them, and hopefully they wouldn't have gotten their certificates.

    I applied shortly there after at the Sheriff department... been about a month now and I still havn't gotten my actual card. It takes sometime for the processing to be completed depending on the load each individual Sheriff department.

    I highly suggest taking the 1 day class if you can afford to use up a day on the weekend. Even if you arn't planning on carrying, the class in its self is very informative and fun.

    You can contact Liberty Firearms Protection Training by calling either of these numbers:

    Bob Mathias 937-386-2389
    Steve Spratt 937-386-0153

    I also know of a link that shows training dates all through out Ohio. I posted it on here before. I'll dig it up as post it as soon as I find it.
  4. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Okay here is the link:

    Simply click on "Schedule" located on the top center of the page. Enter you're info and it will find something close to you. Expand your radius in the event you don't find anything.
  5. Hetfieldinn

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    I took the course at the Deer Hunter in Akron. We had an eight hour day of classroom, then three hours of range time, plus another hour of testing the next day.

    Which county you apply for your license in has total control over how long you actually wait to get your permit. Summit County hates the idea of armed citizens, so they make you wait the maximum of 45 days to get your permit after you apply.

    I applied in Wayne County, and had my permit in three days.