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Concealed carry instructors in the Cinci area

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishman, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    I'm looking to get my concealed carry license. I've been searching the web, trying to find an instructer in the Cincinatti area, but have yet to find one... the webs to littered with junk to find the infomation that I'm looking for. I know a few guys on the site have their license, just hoped someone could point me in the right direction.

    Thanks :)
  2. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Heres a website I found.. this may be what I'm looking for:

    If anyone knows of anything else, post it please.

    I found a place thats relativly close to the area through that webpage. I'm going tomorrow for the training.

  3. There is a class offered at the Riverfront West softball park near Miamitown. I have the information somewhere but I can't lay my hands on it. If I can't find it by Monday I can call someone and get the phone number.