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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by capt-hook, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. I have an annoying pop up when ever I use an icon on my desk top.:(
    After it pops up it leaves and the requested site comes on. !!!!!!:)
    here is the error message:

    [Windows cannot find http: etc. . Make sure you typed the name correctly
    then try again.]

    You can not read the entire message before it loads the web site requested
    and comes on screen.

    Any hints or ideas?

    Capt Hook

  2. sounds like a virus to me. I would suggest running a virus scanner like lavasoft adware, ccleaner, ewido anti-malware. Those a re a few I use.

    I run firefox as well. I had one virus that took several days of cleaning.

    Also if you know the name of that website try going under the control panel and going under add/delete programs. Locate that program and delete it. Also empty trash can.

    I am no expert. I am in college working towards assoc in business (microcomputers).

    what website keeps loading? so I never go to it, lol.

    Let me know if any of that helps.
  3. marsh

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    which icon are you using? Is it your Firefox icon? Follow the advise of running a spyware cleanup program and check the homepage in the internet options settings.
  4. Thanks to those that answered.

    here is where I am at so far,

    it is tied to the browzer (Mozilla)
    open browzer, then shrink it.
    then you can use desk top icons.

    worked for me:D
  5. If you think your browser is corrupted I would download the new version then remove your existing program and reinstall:

    (Start)-(Control Panel)-(Add or Remove Programs)-(Mozilla Firefox)-(Change Remove)

    Download and (re)install Firefox

    You might lose your bookmarks and settings, so save those first.