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  1. As sharp tools go, I'm a 20 year old flat head screwdriver. I'm even worse with technology.

    Scrolling across a screen to read the content makes no sense to me. Make the lines shorter, with more lines to read...makes perfect sense.

    Can someone please tell me how I can make ALL text here at OGF appear with the exact same line length? My monitor is old but big.

    Good safe out there.
  2. You need to change the resolution of your monitor. Click the start key on your monitor, click control panel, then click display, then settings, and change it to your liking, then click 'OK'

    I hope that's the info you're looking for.

  3. fishingguy

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    If someone post an oversize pic, it doesn't matter what setting your on. Everyone has to scroll across to read. I am not to crazy about scrolling either. Resize pics before post.
  4. shu9265

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    For ALL that are using Windows XP, Here is a link to Microsoft's Power toys for windows.

    There is a small program in there that lets you resize your pictures Before you post them. Just right click on the picture and select resize.

  5. Gentlemen........thank you.

    Seems some OGF people have ALL the answers. You are killin me.

    Thank you all for responding.