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  1. lg_mouth

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    Does anyone here on OGF have a compost bin at your house? How is it working? Did you build your own bin or buy one. I am interested in starting a compost bin at my place to put on food plots in the spring. Let me know what your opinions are. Thanks.

  2. Your going to need very small plots, or a huge compost bin. :D

  3. lg_mouth

    lg_mouth It's Trigger Time!!!

    I will hopefully have a little of both. My plots are pretty small to begin with and I plan to build a pretty good size bin. I realize I may only be able to compost my smallest plot, but every little bit helps.

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    i don't have a compost bin but what i did build works great.
    i took 4 long wooden skids and 5 t fence posts and made one.
    2 skids end to end for the back with one on each side.just drive the t posts into the ground at the 2 back corners,at the 2 front ends and 1 in the back where the 2 rear skids meet.
    drill some holes and wire them to the t posts.
    real easy and cheap plus it's easy to turn the compost over.
  5. lg_mouth

    lg_mouth It's Trigger Time!!!

    Sounds like a good bin you made. I am going to try and rig something up soon. Every time I throw out kitchen scraps I think about all the good compost I am throwing out!

  6. My compost bin has 3 compartments. Each one is about 4'x4'x4'.

    Get yourself a nice long compost thermometer (they aren't cheap), mine is 36".

    Start composting in 1 bin, I put yard waste (grass clippings, leaves), garden waste (weeds, old plants, rotten vegetables), kitchen waste (vegetable stuff) in the bin. Stick your thermometer in there and monitor it. It should heat up in a few days. Once the temperature peaks and goes down, it's time to move the pile into another bin.

    I like to keep 2 bins running, so when I consolidate in the 3rd, I can layer older and newer compost in it.

    I just repeat this process all summer, sometimes throwing leftover nightcrawlers in the compost bins.

    In the spring, I just spread it on the garden and till it in. Our garden is an approximately 35' x 35' plot.

    Most people say you shouldn't compost weeds, but if you get the heat cranking in the pile, it should kill the seeds.