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    Kentucky's most popular license is the annual hunt/fish combination, which now costs residents $30. A similar license cost residents $25 in Indiana; $19.25 in Illinois; $19 in Missouri and $28 in Tennessee. West Virginia sportsmen pay $33 but their combo license includes trapping. I couldn't locate a hunt/fish combo license for Ohio but a Buckeye annual resident is $19 for hunting and $19 for fishing. Likewise, Arkansas doesn't offer a combo license but charges residents $10.50 to fish and $25 to hunt.
  2. You should try PA. 37 for a fishing license with a lake Erie and trout combo. Hunting I believe is close to the same with extra money for muzzle loader and for archery

  3. Right on SStaz, $37.00 to fish in youre own state is a crock, when I"m fishing out of Conny you would be surprised at the number of PA registered boats launching there, on some days I wouldnt be surprised if it is almost close to half, (I"m one of them).
  4. I am going to be one of them this year too
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    37.00 dollars is ridiculous to fish in your own state. I used to think Ohio was bad. You'll never hear me complain again.
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    It's 25.00 as a resident just to fish in Colorado. The other bad thing here is most of the lakes are in parks and then you have the park fee's on top of it. Oh and that is only for 1 rod. It's another 5.00 to buy a 2nd rod stamp and then you have another 5.00 for wildlife habitat stamp with license fee, .025 cents for a search and rescue fee and .075 for a wildlife fund surcharge.

    Total = 36.00 for a Resident

    Last year it was 66.00 for me as a Non Resident

    I don't recall what the resident hunting license was.

    Out of state I couldn't afford to go Elk hunting it was several hundred dollars

    One lake is 50.00 for one vehicle for year (add another 20.00) for the 2nd vehicle

    There is another park pass that includes 5 to 8 lakes which was 60 or 80 for both of our vehicles.

    Then up in the mountains there are passes for those lakes and rivers another 50.00 per year

    And this is to just go fishing

    So now that I see how expensive it is to go here Im glad I'm moving back to Ohio in June !!
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    The statistics show that more kids are shying away from the outdoor sports. After reading the last few threads, I now know why they are. They simply cannot afford it. What typical family working man could afford to pay all those fees just to take the family out for a simple day of fishing? I am glad that Ohio doesn't charge kids for fishing license (yet).
  8. This is my take on our resident fishing licence fees. Ohio has the best saugeye stocking program of any DNR in the country, as well as one of the best muskie stocking programs. Its outstanding steelhead stocking program in Lake Erie has provide myself and many others many thrilling days. We also have the best walleye fishing in the world in Lake Erie, as well as world-class smallie fishing. In my case, the licence fee wouldn't cover the fuel to get me 1/2 way to the lake on one trip, so I don't even notice. I think $19 is a bargain. Without looking I think OH fees are in line with the other Great Lake states such as PA, NY and MI.

  9. Well said Toolman, well said! :)
  10. it cost me $506 dollars for a over the counter bull elk tag in colorado this year.
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    Toolman, I agree that Ohio is a bargain compared to out of state resident fees. I just buy so many tags for hunting and fishing it all adds up. As Zfish said, I could not afford to fish in Colorado. As far as the Great Lakes states fees, Michigan fees for residents are 15.00 =13.00=28.00, As stated earlier Pa is 37.00, NY is the same as OH 19.00.
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    IMO - I perfer fishing PA then in Ohio. All cept I don't get to do it as often as I would like...

    Don't get me wrong... Ohio has good fishing... But it wasn't anything like what I fished in PA...

    Pulling Rockbass out of the rivers at 12" Countless Smallies and trout.

    But i'll live with what I have in my back yard... Alum.