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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by puphus, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Greetings -- I'm looking to make a monetary commitment to my hobby. I want to buy a rod and reel that I'll have for awhile. Right now, I'm fishing a 6'6" Cherrywood (medium) and an Abu Garcia 255 Cardinal reel. It is nice, but a bit loose and not quite as sensitive as I'd like. Also, the reel leaves a bit to be desired in smoothness. I've fished other set-ups, a Shimano Stimula w/ an Okuma reel, and way back when I was learning to fish, a Zebco combo. But, now I actually earn enough money to buy some nice gear, so I'd like to invest/commit to the nicest rod and reel I've ever owned.

    I mainly fish with soft plastics but also use spinners and crankbaits. On occasion, I fish from a canoe, but have never fished from a bass boat in my life. I'd like to give it a try someday. I suppose it's like a canoe, but bigger...

    I'd like this to be my goto rig and I want to love it. I'm leaning towards a spinning set-up considering my fishing style.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Ultralight

    Ultralight Crupi Wannabe

    I often fish from a canoe with 1 or 2 rods. I fish similar baits as you as well. I also wade a lot. My favorite combo that I use is a St. Croix premier medium fast and a St Croix premier size 20 reel. I forget who makes the reels for St. Croix but I'm tempted to say Daiwa.

    Which brings me to rods and reels. I recommend spending more on your rod, than your reel, especially with spinning gear. St. Croix premier is about $70 on sale, $100 new. I abuse my stuff when wading/canoeing, so I'm scared to spend any more than this on a rod. But these are good. Of course there are other rods that are in this same price range that are good. My suggestion is graphite for all around fishing. Some of the bigger stores have house brand IM8 rods that are nice as well.

    As for reels, I recommend looking at Daiwa and Pflueger (despite the minor problems I've had with Pflueger bail springs). Both are smooth and have handled abuse from me. Many will say go with a Shimano stradic or something in that price range - if you can afford it - go for it.

    As far as sensitivity - buy the best rod you can. Reels, IMO, are not as important - of course we all like a smooth reel.

  3. Alright -- I've looked things over a bit, I'm considering a St. Croix Avid AS66MHF paired with a Daiwa Tierra 2500. I figure I can get the set up for under $300. For that price point, are there other rods and reels I should be considering?
  4. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    The Diawa Tierra is a very nice reel for the money. I purchased four of them this spring, and very happy that I did. They have a very strong bail, and an extremely smotth drag.
  5. The One

    The One Ret. 1SG U.S. Army

    You could pick-up a G-loomis GL2 for around $150 ( HSR9000S) Cabelas and a Shimanno Stradic 2500 for about $119. Loomis comes with a lifteime guarentee; no questions asked.
  6. I'm with the one, I am a big Loomis fan. I wish I could say I was sponsored by them since they cost so much :) I asked the question when I bought my first one "how can a rod really be worth that." The guy told me once you fish one you will never want to go back and he was right. I have broken two of them (once my fault putting it in to the car and once while fishing) and they replaced both of them with no problem. They are so light you will be amazed and incredibly sensitive. I have a GLX ML 6'6" spinning rod I use for just about everything, a drop shot rod which is an ultralite I use for lighter tackle, a ML 7' crankbait series baitcasting rod I use for faster applications, a GLX flipping stick, a long walleye series trolling rod and I just bought a heavy duty muskie rod for a Canada trip I have coming up. Like I said, once you buy one it's easy to get hooked :) I hope you love what ever you choose!