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Coming up to the Rocky on Sunday, FINALLY!!

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Dave_E, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. I'm ready fellas! I'm gonna be traveling lite, covering A LOT of water, and avoiding the crowds.

    Dingo, yell if you wanna meet up again brother.

    I don't care what the river conditions are, I don't care what they're hitting on, I don't care where they're hitting. I'm gonna hunt them down and catch some fish.

    Quick question about using minnows in the Rocky: is it OK to use fat heads or do they have be emeralds? Eddie's by Nimi has some nice and lively fat heads.

    I'm about as excited as the first night on my honeymoon. Man am I getting old.
  2. Dave,

    The river should be in real good shape for you on Sunday. It's a good thing you are looking to travel, because I figure it's going to be a mob scene down there. I've never fished with Fatheads for Steelies primarily because none of the baitshops up here carry them, but I have caught them on river minnows that I have netted (not real sure on what they were). Good luck and have fun.


  3. Dingo


    Meet up with you? Sure. I'm heading out in a bit to do some scouting with the mutt. Fatheads should work. The ones we catch out of the river are similar (river shiners). I heard that there are a bunch of emeralds at Edgewater off the pier. Might check that out tomorrow to see if that would work better than getting the bait at Eddies. Stay tuned. If you do bring minnows, don't use too big of a bucket - you might take some grief from guys from that "other site".

    Sunday should be a zoo -- so prepare to walk.
  4. Dingo,

    I've been getting some real nice Emeralds by the gas pumps down by the ramps on the Rocky. They're holding tight to the wall, but they're there.

  5. I'm ready to walk Wes.
    PM me if you want to meet up with Dingo and I. I'll give you my cell #.
    I've got a good feeling about Sunday guys. State record steelhead coming my way. ;)
  6. Dingo


    River looks nice from end to end. Not a lot of folks out this afternoon. Only one at morley ford! I should have taken a picture. Color is nice, but flow is a bit high, keeping a few normal hotspots not as easy to fish since the water is coming thru so fast. I picked up two this afternoon in the middle portion of the river - one on the first cast, one on the third cast. Nothing afterward. Most folks that I spoke with mentioned that things seemed to shut down once the cloud cover and colder temps moved in. Water clarity is a little over a foot, with a greenish tint. Level is up about 6" to a foot from normal flow. The weekend should be good.
  7. FYI...
    Didn't get bit yesterday. The state record fish must read this site and told all of the steelhead about Dingo and I. :)

    Next time for sure though. ;)
  8. catking

    catking Banned

    Better luck next time Dave.............. :D ...........DA KING !!!