Columbus Motor Speedway Legend Car Experience

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sporty, Jul 11, 2007.

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    WOW!!! Anyone into racing and in the central ohio area has got to try this!!

    This was a birthday present from my son. Last night we went to the track and he and I both ran 20 laps ($50 each). These are 5/8 scale replica coupes with a 1200cc Yamaha engine.

    We didn't set any records but what a blast. The track provides the car, fire suit and helmet. Just call them and show up with $50 for your scheduled time.

    The cars are easy to drive but it take a while to get used to going around the track. I think I was really getting comfortable when the white flag flew :rolleyes:.

    We'll be going back for sure!!
  2. i didnt know c-bus speedway did that, that is really cool, def will be trying this, sporty u ever seen those legends cars on dirt, asphalt is one thing but man those cars on dirt is mad crazy, for the hp to weight ratio those cars scream asphalt or dirt.

  3. sporty

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    I've never seen a legend car on dirt. I can't even imagine!!

    I'm not sure how much HP those cars are putting out. But with the light weight and the gearing it sets ya back in the seat (well you're already strapped pretty tight to the seat - lol).

    My son has a car he's planning to race in the crazy compact division at CMS. After last night I'm thinking legends!! Although they don't run legends full time there.
  4. the legends he could possibly move up faster to mods or late models, plus they tour different tracks and have bigger events on asphalt and dirt, i havnt checked in a while but i know they have a huge dirt race at the end of the year that pays really good. the compact class is fun and to get experience so that wouldnt be all bad either, but legends has a novice class too let me know and ill come up and watch, i usually hit all the major dirt tracks around dayton or for 200 miles LOL and hit alot of the asphalt tracks around here shadybowl, c-bus(havnt been in a while though), kilkare, winchester, kentucky. there are far more dirt tracks than asphalt thats for sure and it seems the dirt tracks payout more.
  5. Sporty,

    I ran in the compact class the year it started and won the track championship in that class. It was a blast and the competition is good. I sold my car last season, I would assume it is still running there. I made lots of friends and learned alot in that class. If you need any help when you build your car, give me a holler!!
  6. Heres a victory lap pic of one of my feature wins!!
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    My father runs Dwarf Cars at Shadybowl. These cars are similar to the legends the only diff is that dwarf cars run no fenders on the wheels. These cars can fly when running around the track. He loves it and they run maybe close to 80 or higher on the track alot of fun.

    Check out

    driver number of the number 15
  8. I have been thinking of trying out the legend @CMS. I grew up down there my family has been running there for years. Parsons for anyone that goes to the track. I have drove one of our street stocks and one of our late models but I am thinking that the legend would be a diff kinda fun.