Columbus fishing area with playground close?

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    Does anyone know of a lake or pond or anywhere that has maybe a playground area within site of a fishing spot around the Columbus area? The boys get bored and if I had a playground within sight I could keep fishing and let them play...... Does that sound selfish? haha.

    My wife is working nights part time on the weekends temporarily so I gotta keep the boys out of the house and busy so she can sleep during the day. I am trying to get my fishing fix and keep the boys occupied too. Fishing doesn't enthrall them after about an hour or so at the most so this would be ideal for us.
  2. reelmanly

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    Try Checkin in Hillard I think theres a small lake with playground, has a big white fence around it I believe, could be wrong, has some decent fish in it.

  3. Mushijobah

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    Alum Creek Res. spillway has a playground adjacent to good saugeye/muskie/cat/whatever water!