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Columbus Area Fishing?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by redone29, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. I'm new to the Columbus area and am looking for some places to fish. Either from shore or by a boat powered only by a trolling motor. If anyone could give me some suggestions, Thanks. I grew up in the Ohio Valley fishing strip pits and the Ohio River so those types of water would be preferred. I fished Griggs Resevoir but the banks just got pounded by waves from ski boats. Didn't care much for that. Thanks.
  2. Nickadams

    Nickadams goenfurshen

    Hoover Resevoir up around Galena & Westerville will probably offer the most diverse fishing without having to deal with a ton of pleasure boaters. It is a 10hp limit lake and has tons of crappie, saugeye, catfish, and largemouth. Hope this helps. :)

  3. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    you won't find much in the way of your preferred type waters around columbus,but there's plenty of other water.hoover is a 9.9 hp lake that can be fished from bank or boat.plenty of productive water within reach of the ramps,that is electric accessible,for many species.antrim lake is a decent place for bank fishing,with trout,cats,bass,crappie,carp.
    scioto and olentangy rivers(including griggs and a'shaunessy res. and spillways) for numerous species,along with big walnut and alum creeks.
    delaware lake and spillway,and buckeye lake are within 30 minutes.the darby creeks hold bass,cats and more.
    there are probably others who can add to the list,and there are other decent waters within an hour or so drive of columbus.
  4. ShakeDown

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    There's a stretch of the Scioto river between Griggs/Oshay that boats can't access, yet bankers/waders can. There's a park off Riverside Dr just north of rt 161 that gives you access to this stretch. Great smallmouth fishing in there. Then of course, if you want stellar smallmouth fishing, you can always hit the Darby.
  5. It's kinda ouitside Columbus, but if you go about 30 or 40 minu8tes north towards Fredericktown, there's a lake called Knox Lake that is about 500 acres, and I think it's either electric only or a small horsepower rating. Great largemouth fishery!

  6. You'll love Knox. close to knox is kokosing resevoir, it's small, just north of 95 off 13. 71north to hghwy 95e to knox. 400acre lake, decent for only trolling motor. Also, downtowncolumbus, the river where olentangy and scioto meet. the launch is on nationwide blvd off neil just south of 670. Or anothe smaller stretch of scioto off whittier, or, Hargus lake, which is elec only. If you wanna drive, AEP has strip pits galore 70east to 83 south(just past zainesville) store just past the stop sign on left has map of all the ponds. Campgrounds everywhere there too. I went out there a lot when i had my elec only rig. good luck
  7. Rainer makes a great point that AEP is a good place to go. Went down there a month or so ago and had a great time. If I was to drag a pond boat down there, I'd stay at either Sawmill Road or Sand Hollow. Sawmill is off 83 and I think Sand Hollow is off 284. They are both larger ponds, and allow boat access. Sawmill was drawn way down when I was there (I think for dredging) but Sawmill was a great find. It was super clear though, so keep that in mind. Fish were super easy to spook.

  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've heard about some of the places mentioned but thats about it, only heard of them. I'll try them out. I'm really interested in the smallie waters. Spent alot of time smallmouth fishing the Ohio River and Creeks feeding into it in the Valley. Anything else you can let me know I appreciate it. Thanks all.