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Columbia Sportswear CHEAP!!!

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by MAINAH, Apr 26, 2004.


    MAINAH Little Member

    My mother-in-law finally did something nice for me...she told me of a Columbia Sportswear Copmany sale. This sale was at thier corperate sales/marketing office in Westlake, Ohio. It consisted of products for the upcoming fall/winter seasons. Most notably was the hunting and fishing clothes. They had a nice selection of thier SILENT HUNTER cammo jackets and pants. All items were marked way down with an additional 40 percent off. I was able to convince my wife that I needed a new fishing vest. This vest is sweet, the retail price was $65.00, I got it for $15.00. The only 2 drawbacks to this sale was 1, that it only had clothing in size LARGE for mens amd MEDIUM for womens. They also had footwear, size 9 mens and 7 womens. 2, it was only 3 days and ended at noon on sunday. I did however get on the mailing list for future sales. They said they have 3 a year and the items at the sales items will be 2-3 seasons ahead of the actual seasons.
    I know this info is a little late for the rest of you, but I will post future sales when I get the info.
  2. That is great to know!!
    Please forward me as much info re location, phone, etc so I can get on their list? Columbia has great stuff!