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Colorado Poacher Story

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Darwin, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Darwin

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    This story is on This is a serious penalty if he gets all that they are talking about....... Here is the link and the story.;bp=t

    19-Year-Old Could Be Banned From Hunting In Colo. Forever
    Jason Duggan Gets $7K Fine For Poaching Deer

    POSTED: 1:20 pm MDT June 2, 2005

    A Montrose man convicted of illegally poaching deer will have to pay nearly $7,000 in fines and could be barred from hunting and fishing in Colorado and 19 other states for the rest of his life, under a sentence handed down this week.

    Jason R. Duggan, 19, reached a plea agreement in May that required him to forfeit the hunting rifle he used to kill the deer, and could face a year in jail if he does not pay the fine.

    The investigation began in April 2004 when wildlife officers received a tip from the Montrose County Sheriff's Office and found the remains of a bobcat, mink and numerous deer racks. One of them had a brass plate that bore the inscription "J.D. 2004."

    Investigators asked Duggan to come in for an interview but said he failed to show up. They were unable to find him until October 2004, when they received a report of rotting ducks in an abandoned vehicle near the Montrose County Justice Center. A check of the license plate showed that it was registered to Duggan and he was found in the county jail, serving a sentence for non-wildlife-related charges.

    Officers said that when interviewed in jail, Duggan admitted that he killed an eight-point buck deer within the past two years and also admitted to small game violations, including the use of leghold traps.

    Duggan was cited for killing eight deer, waste of nine ducks and several small-game and license violations. He agreed to plead guilty to killing three deer in return for the rest of the charges being dropped.

    Duggan also faces a special hearing with the Division of Wildlife to determine how long his hunting and fishing privileges will be suspended. There is a strong possibility that he will never hunt or fish in Colorado again, officials said. In addition, any suspension would automatically be applied in the 19 other states that participate in a special wildlife-crimes compact with Colorado.

    People who have information about wildlife poaching are asked to call Operation Game Thief at (877) 265-6648. Tips can be given anonymously and rewards are offered.
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    Wow...that should make people think.

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    They should hang him by his thumbs. People who abuse the game laws steal from all of us.