Color Questions for Weights

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  1. When using a worm weight (cone style weight) does it matter what color it is? I currently have a bunch of weights that are not painted and are just the pure lead color.

    Should I spray paint these another color, or will they be ok like that? Can I even spray paint them? Will it stay on?

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    I personally do not think it makes any difference.

  3. Tell you what I do. I buy the screw lock weights - love using those - anyhow I buy the unpainted ones..........

    Then I raid my wifes fingernail polish selection - and paint them many different colors!! I can custom paint them solid, glittery, marbled - whatever I want!~ I do this as a winter hobby.........

    Then I buy some of that nail hardener stuff - the clear stuff - and put 5-6 coats over them. This way it'll keep the colors/polish from chipping off. I've been doing this a couple of years now - and really like the I've got just about any color you could think of.

    I forgot to add that I use toothpicks in the weights and then I got a large piece of foam from some box (like a stereo box or kids toy) and stick them in that foam to dry........

    Best part?? You can use all your wife's old stuff that she never uses, which is usually off colors anyhow and it's FREE. Plus each bottle comes with it's own "brush" so you don't ever have to worry about cleaning them.
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  5. I have never had a problem using just the plain lead weight. Catch fish and I am happy. If you do want to color them Skarfer has the right idea. I used to put the nail polish on jig heads and spinnerbait blades. Works really well.