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color dying tents material..

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by crappielooker, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    i'm trying to find a way to dye my tent from bright blue to something in earth tones, like olive green or even camo.. i was at first thinking of spray paintin it.. prolly not gonna work..
    any ideas??
    what i am trying to do is modify my old tent so that i can legally use it on the bank.. and that bright blue is just not cuttin it.. :D
    thanks a bunch..
  2. bill_gfish

    bill_gfish Well, Gee Whiz!

    put it away wet! should be green and black the next time ya get it out. :D chuck some corn on it while you are at it.


  3. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    i dont want any fuzz growing on it dood.. :D
    guess i'll have to do some experiments..
  4. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    AK, if you go to a good craft store, they should have a rainbow of colors, you just might want to make sure its ok for nylon...your tent material.
    Also with most dyes, your going to need to wash it...if its a big tent, might want to go somewhere that has big commercial washers to do it.


    PS, dont ya have a Brolly ??????..."legally use it on the bank" you going to cut the front panel off just like a brolly then?
  5. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker tent is just like another bivvy they are selling in the uk.. i can have the option of leaving the front fully open or close on cold windy days.. if i cut off the front entrnce, its the same dang thing they are tryin to sell overseas.. i just dont like the bright blue color its got on it right now.. plus if i hacked it up a tad, my bedchair will fit in just perfect.. :D plus ample of room for rover to chill out in.. :D then i can have my brolly be use as storage or hangout in durin the day.. hehee..
    ooohh maan..i need to get out before i do more damage to my
  6. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Ak's bankside "condo"
    Hey i like blue tents..there "pretty".....hahahahahaha

  7. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    i just dont like sittin under blue tent, it makes me kinda dizzy.. forget the "pretty" factor, it'll be redneck style carp condo by the time i'm done with it.. :D thought about beanbags inside too.. wouldn't that be comfy.. :D
    on a bright note, the weather will finally break this coming week.. i can't wait.. :D
    ps.. i saw some camo fabric for sale.. i might just sew that onto my existing rainfly..
  8. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    I was going to sugest that or you can get a camo tarp from Walmart for less than 20 bucks. Even with a camo cover I would imagine you would still get that blue light haze you were talking about but it may not be as intense.