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  1. I was thinking about buying a Coleman stove that uses the same gas as the old lanterns. Was wondering if anyone has one of these and how they like them. I have a propane stove now that uses gas pretty fast.
  2. I have one that's 30 years old. They are pretty much maint free. They only part you have too worry about is the generator( I think thats what its called). It's a long thin tube that turns the liquid gas into gas gas. EZ to replace and its pretty cheap. I have a two burner and filling the tank lasts a week at a cottage in Canada cooking 3x a day.

  3. keep the tank full of fuel after you use it.
    This will keep the rust from forming inside the tank and keep you cooking for many moons.
    I use this policy with all my coleman white fuel products.
    Not any rust to be found inside any of my lanterns or gas stoves.
  4. is white fuel cheaper to use than propane? i have a propane stove,grill and latern. sometimes i take 5 or 6 little propane tanks on one camping trip
  5. my 2 are also over 30...still work like new and a tank of fuel lasts forever!!!! way easier on fuel than propane
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    a great add on for them is the attachment that screws onto the filler neck and uses a co2 more pumping up the pressure.very handy for the stoves!
  7. I'll second that for the stoves.

    Info. on Coleman lantern box lists 1 gal. Coleman Liquid Fuel = 4.5 cylinders Coleman Propane. 1 gal. Coleman Fuel was $8.47 at Walmart.
  8. I've had my stove for at least 25 years & it still works great. I replaced the generator once & that's the only problem. One tank of gas seems to run forever, too. Filled it up before a hunting trip to Wyoming, used it all week, & had enough left for a couple uses at home. Just found the old stove my parents used in the late 50's & it still works !!
  9. Wait until they start making them in China. They'll last about 6 trips LOL....
  10. Thank for replys. Sounds like a good efficent stove. I have another question any idea the shelf life of a can of white gas.
  11. Keep the cap on it and leave it away from open flames and it will last for many years.
    I just bought a new can this fall, the old one was here at least 5 years.
    I have 6 lanterns and 1 stove I keep full at all times.
  12. Another worthwhile accessory is the red, spring loaded Coleman Fuel Filler nozzle. Screws onto the 1 gal. Coleman Fuel cans. It is slightly slower but it eliminates overfill spills when refilling tanks using a regular filter funnel.

    I leave it on the can and use an upside-down 3 oz. bathroom cup over the nozzle as a dust cover. Gas has stayed good for several years. They warn you not to leave it on the can though because it can leak if the can gets knocked over and the spring gets depressed.
  13. Whatever you do, don't try to substitute reg gas for coleman fuel. You'll have a real disaster that could end up killing you or burning down your cabin.
  14. Some newer ones now are dual fuel (gray tanks) that can use either Coleman fuel or unleaded gas.
  15. I am using my father-in-laws coleman stove and it does well. No real maintenance either. I wanted to switch to propane at one time, but have resisted. After seeing the propane items in action, I am happy i stayed with white gas.
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    have had two since the early 70s and have absolutely no complaints.
  17. Snakercharmer, I've always used, 20+ yrs, the high octane Sunoco gas in my stove w/o a problem. I've checked out the burners and there is never a deposit. Regular gas I'm thinking you mean any gas from a station or the 89 oct. or just gas because a blow up. The Coleman gas is white gas and the hi-octane is not a problem you pump it up and the fumes burn.
  18. how does the white gas laterns work? pump 1st then light? i might switch over to camp fuel from propane cause i hear its cheaper and can last longer
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  19. yea. pump them up. turn the little wire up. turn the gas on and light it up. I bought a flint sparking devive as an add on and use that instead of matches. Works much better and safer too. Never a burnt finger..
  20. Go to Ebay...Got mine for $45 - brand new ... Works great with unleaded gas as well as coleman fuel.