Cold & Windy Rocky Fork Lake Crappie

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ryanhipsher, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. We started off to Rocky Fork Lake this morning about 9am. After getting dressed like Chilly Willy, we ended up getting the boat in the water around 10:30(The lake is an hour from my house) I have been having some boat issues the last couple of times that I have been out. My trolling motor switch went out the first trip, my front graph went out the second time, and I have now recovered. Enough about me now. Lake temp was around 38-40 degrees. with a northeast wind, it set up to be a very cold day of fishing. The lake is 100% ice free. Dirty at the creek end, clear at the dam. we were catching our fish in 20+ ft. water. You had to make 5 casts and then put your hands in your pockets to warm them back up and then bust the ice out of your pole tips. whoever fished today, I understand what you went through. To view pictures, Google Ryan Hipsher, or the Rebel 105.9fm(click on Walley's Blog, and look for the Master Baiter Ryan Hipsher).