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Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Gill, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Gill


    Does anyone have any info. on trout fishing in Cold Creek? Heard there were Browns and Rainbows there.

    Thanks for any response, Gill

  2. CoolWater

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    Yep those threads should give you all you need and more. To some it all up, yep you can almost always catch Rainbows... Steelhead fishing is pretty good too. You can catch Browns every now and then but certainly not enough to go there thinking you can target them. Same with Pike and Smallmouth - you will get one now and then but not frequently.

    I was there on Thursday and caught 2 Rainbows in no time at all. Water was a tad high but color/clarity wasn't bad.

    It's a fun place to fish but I don't recommend it on the weekends.
  3. RJFJR1

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    I was out there about a month ago and did pretty good but it was very hard fishing. The fish are very used to see the bobbers and lures. But it did take care of my cabin fever.
  4. I Was At Cold Creek Sunday Morning Caught A 20" Brown Trout In Ablou 15 Min. Several Others Caough Rain Bow About The Same Time. The About 11:00 They Stopped Bitting Had A Few Hits No Catches. But I Always Have A Good Time Trying Out There.
  5. place is a nut house anymore for some 12 inch trout! used to be much much better with a lot of the trout that had gone out into the lake and returned aka. what everyone is calling steelhead. numbers of trout are ther ebut it seems the bigger fish are hard to come by and unfortunately the crows have become much easier to find :(