Cold Creek 3/12

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  1. Fished cold creek today from 530-730. Waded behind the restaurant up by the falls. Caught 7 rainbows. All about 15". Lost a big one. No steelhead though. Water is way up for back there and perfect in my opinion. Just drifted a piece of nightcrawler behind some split shots. Got A LOT of bites also. Went through a dozen nightcrawlers like it was nothing. More to follow tomorrow.
  2. Was that 5:30-7;30 A.M.?

  3. 530 to 730 pm. sorry about that. Fished it today around 10 am and caught some fish. No steelies, only small rainbows. Checked it this evening and it looks like a chocolate milkshake from all the runoff. It will take a couple days to clear up.
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    I was there this evening... We caught 3 I have the full report on my site. Yes the water was mud-While we were there it muddied up alot from that feeder creek. I'll post over here soon-YA 1200 posts!!!!
  5. hey extrema dont let that muddy water scare you I live right up the road form the creek and I have by best days when the water is muddy. But dont get me wrong there is a point when its not fishable
  6. Yeah I live right down the road from it to. I usually check it out twice a day or so and see how its going down there. Northsouthohiofisherman, I saw you down there today. I didnt know it was you until now. Next time I see you I'll stop down and say hello. I'll probably be hitting it up everyday for the next week or so.
  7. Do you guys ever catch any Catfish in the creek? Or is it all Trout?
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    are you guys refering to cold creek that runs into the sandusky bay right there at margaritaville? if so are the shad running yet? id appreciate any info you guys have.
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    extrema wasnt down today 14th....
    Fshn freak the shad are over :(
  10. Always have wanted to catch a rainbow, never tried though. I might be up that way tomorrow. Would be great if the wife would let me wet a line for a bit. Never been there but I remember eating at Margaritaville and seeing the river out the window. I assume that's the one your talking about. Where do you park, is it public, and can you bank fish or only wade?? I practice C&R and am only looking to catch 1 to take a pic and add it to the list. So any pointers would be great. PM e if desired. Thanks.
  11. When the steelhead are picky and won't hit the live bait, I have had numerous hits and caught a fair amount of nice 4-6 lbs steels on 1/16oz, little cleo or pot o gold silver or gold spoons. Sometimes they just need to wake up. Keep the spoon barely under the surface and use a slow, twitchy retrieve. Make the spoon dance a bit. It usually teases them enough to take it. I have found this to work best when the creek has a darker blue stain.
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    One of the fish had eggs-was it a steelie?
  13. Me and a friend went to cold creek today, only took an hour to catch our 4 rainbows, caught 8 all together. Fished right next to the bridge. Caught them all on yellow powerbaits, small hook with a split shot and let it drift down stream. Couple of them really took to the air. No steelies, saw about 20 shad swimming around, my friend caught about a 4 pound sucker. Biggest rainbow was 18''. Nice healthy fish and gonna be good to eat tonight. Good luck if anyone goes, easy fishing !!!

  14. I would say a foot, could see the shad swimming down about a foot, the gentlemen in the trout club said he did just as good when it was muddy. We actually watched a mud-hen open this guys minnow bucket he left along the bank of the creek and eat his minnows, who said mud-hens aint smart, LOL !!!
  15. Went to Cold Creek today and me and my buddy caught quite a few 14-16 inchers. But there were quite a few guys pulling in 22+" Rainbows. Never been there before today but from what the old timers were saying it was slow and the water was muddy. Not sure of the normal conditions but the visability was about 6" and had a bite about every 20 min or so. Although the bites were VERY soft. Having never fished for trout before I'm not sure if that is normal. But it was like perch fishing when they arent hungry and are just looking to steal bait. I'm sure some of you can relate to that.
  16. Just went there today at about 130 or so odnr and landowner was there you are no longer allowed to fish there as of today. you have to go and pay 5 dollers next door