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Coin Collectors

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by FISHIN 2, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Any coin collectors on here. Neighbor has asked me to price a few coins and looking for a starting point, any help here ? She has a few 1900 silver dollars, one I believe 1899, a few silver dimes in the 1900, now I know where they came across the " One Thin Dime " saying, and a few other coins. Thanks in advance, Mike
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  2. Condition is everything.
    Unless they're a very rare year. Most old silver coins with more than a little wear are worth they're scrap silver weight.

  3. Most library branches will have a book on american coin prices. You can check and see what mint marks for which years could be worth more. As stated, condition helps or hurts value.
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  5. I,seen those silver dollars sell for $18.00 each. at a coin shop.
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  6. baitguy

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    the coin books are a good place to start, but as has been mentioned, condition means a lot, as well as the scarcity of that particular coin ... how many were minted is a decent indicator, even though some of those silver dollars are over 100 yrs old, they might not be worth more than $15-25 ... an Indian Head penny may be worth 1000 times face value ... which is 10 bucks ... another one might be worth $100 ... dealers will take them, most of the older ones will net you at maybe 50% of book value, maybe less, depending on how fast they think they can turn them over ... your best bet is find out what they're worth and sell them to a private collector, maybe then you'll maybe get 75-80% ... you have to know their value and hold out for a reasonable offer ... there are forums just like this that deal with coins ... you can take them to a coin shop and see what they'd offer, then you'd have some sort of benchmark ... good luck in your quest ...
  7. Thanks a lot fella's, a place to start.. Mike
  8. Dealers for silver back 15 r 20 years would give you 3 times face. A silver quarter would be 75 cents. Silver has gone up since then so I am not sure. Always can call a shop and see what they buy junky silver coin for and at least you got a minimum value. If you think they look pretty sharp with little wear, they may be worth more.
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