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  1. I was wondering if anyone here was into coin collecting? I have been thinking of getting into this hobby because fishing is seasonal and I have already started a minor collecting of foriegn coins and various wheat pennies. My question is where do you get the best deals and what are some things to look for?

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    I have a lot coins.usa plus mexican.lots silver ones before they stop useing silver in them.silver dollars way back near turn half dimes many to list.even a bunch those steal pennies.2 shoe boxes full.

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    Fishing doesn't have to be seasonal ! Hit the ice, you'll love it !:D
  4. Go to the site below and poke around a bit. Some real self-admitted coin geeks on that site. I inherited a bunch of coins over the winter (1800s-1900s, lots of silver) but decided to sell the collection instead of try to continue it.

    It's a pretty expensive hobby with a lot of trouble lurking if you're not careful -- ebay misrepresentations, counterfeits, dealers trying to rip folks off, cleaned/toned coins, etc.

    If collecting, start by determining which coin that you want to collect and determine the rarest (most expensive) in the set. If you can't afford that one, you will never achieve a full set.

    As you will find surfing around the collectors universe site, coin collecting isn't really a moneymaking opportunity unless you are lucky or real good. Get a recent red book (2006 or 2007) from a library or bookstore and look it over. Go to a local coin show and look around (don't purchase) to get an idea of grades for the coin(s) that you want to collect. Before long, you will have a decent idea of how the scale (1 to 70) works.
  5. Thanks I will check into that site. I don't think the ice gets thick enough to fish without falling through. I swim like a rock so I don't think that would be fun lol.

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    They produce coins every year in many different variations/sets. The commoratives are usually the best to purchase but you have to be on top of things to get them anymore. Be careful with anything else ie: ebay. Just pay attention to feedback. I try to buy Silver Eagle Proofs and Proof & Unc. sets each year. Some years they produce a special coin which you can only buy in the mint sets. In 1996 the mint produced a regular dime which was minted at the West Point mint and it was included with the uncirculated 1996 mint set. Those are running about $15 per dime. I always buy my sets and Eagles direct from the mint. Go on ebay and do a search for the 2004 peace nickel set from the mint. You'll be surprised at what $4 worth of nickels sells for.
    Good Luck and have fun! Another thing...with silver as high as it is now may not be the best time to purchase common silver coins but you can get some better deals on the higher end silver collectibles.
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    I only collect silver coins. I love Morgans they are by far the best coin. Anything from 1964 and under are 90% sliver any thing from 1965 to 1969 is 40% sliver.