Coe tonight 9-25-07

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  1. I am thinking of hitting coe lake tonight . Any tips on what to use for bass ? also how do i get there from bagley thanks
  2. South on Front street from Bagley. Continue thru the light where the town square is on the left, townhouses on right. Make a left into the police station parking lot. Lake is in the back of the lot. Rather deep water straight out from the gazebo (25' or so). Also walk thru the path south of the gazebo to the south pool for a bit more water to fish. You can also park in the VFW hall lot (east side of the lake) and walk the high shore on the south side. Access to some rather deep water from there as well.

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    Any luck at Coe I go to the college down the street I kill em there, let me know when your goin up there again, ill show you some nice spots
  4. I will let you know when i go there next . So we can hook up
  5. I went to coe for the frist time this weekend . It's a very nice looking lake . To bad it's water level is down so much . Anyone if this is just for the winter or what . Forgot to mention I got one dink . Seen alot of bass next to the bank
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    could you see the rock pile on the other side? that rock pile and that area hold some nice bass, it's better to walk in from that side and fish behind the vfw hall.
  7. the water was way down i could see 2 rock piles over there . I will try by there next time thanks