Cocoon Sunglasses

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bmffishing247, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. bmffishing247

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    Anyone use these. If so how do you like them? Do they really fit well over your perscription glasses? What style lens did you pick?

    I am thinking about getting a pair since my others broke at the end of the year last year. Just wanted some input.

  2. I have looked at them but I myself like the ones that clip on to your existing glasses can get decent polarized clip ons in sizes that will fit at Pearle or Lens crafters also can get different lens colors for different conditions

  3. I just bought a pair to use this summer. The light comming in around the edges of my clip ons annoy me. I did have to send the first pair back and get the next larger size. My glasses measured right at the limit for the first pair and the fit was too tight. The temple hinge is what caused the problem. When I put the pair I kept on it seems like they will do a good job of cutting out the glare around the edges.
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    I have been wearing Cocoons since 2004 and they are great I wear the mini slim and I prefer the amber or the new copper lens that they brought out last year .
    Be sure to check your R/X frame mesurements to order the right ones to fit over your frames if you PM me your Ph. # I will give you a call