COCC Tourney?

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  1. Any one know how the tournament ended up on saturday night?
  2. Theres' one comming up Aug. 2nd at Mosquito Lake 6:00PM Registration and 7:00PM tounrey start till 7:00 AM. The causeway crew has them fliers at their shop. I might make a go at it if anyone wants to go.

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    I would say with the weather that came through Saturday that it was a wet and nasty time
  4. Well, it was an eventful night. Most were tucking tight to cover due to lightening in the area. We spent most of the night tied up to a dock, ready to take cover if needed, Best choice we made. Ended up being a great hole. We caught a limit in about 45 minutes and took 1st place with around 27lbs. The lightning ended up puttering out everytime it hit the west side of Columbus. Looking at the radar, I would have guessed we were going to get hammered at times.

    2nd place and 3rd were petty close around 24lbs. Big fish weighed in at 9.7 lbs. These weights included a bucket that weighed 1.3 lbs. We had some scale issues, probably because of the moisture and had to go to a back up. I believe everyone weighed in fish. There were 12teams total and a couple of teams left early.

    Hop this answers your question.
  5. Thanks for the update Mike. I was thinking about the tournament guys on saturday night as I stood in the garage and watched the rain and lightning.