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  1. I'd like to fish Ontario this summer. I'm looking for a place that I could drive to from Cincy, and where my 15 year old son and I can catch fish without being Babe Winkleman. I also need that place to have some fairly nice accomodations and dining opportunities for my wife. I don't have my own boat, but I do have a couple of Kayaks I could carry if needed. Any recommendations?
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    I have been going to a place called Island 10 resort on Lady Evelyn Lake.
    Accomadations are lush, food is great. Can only get there by plane or boat.
    Check out the websites, they have two. They treat you right.

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    I'd skip Canada and try Kelleys or south bass Islands. You can fish the docks with the yaks and There's enough shopping eating places to keep the wife happy.There's camping and rentals . Lots of Bass and panfish around the piers and I've seen large groups of yaks paddeling around Kellys. If you insist on Canada, my choice for a yak would be the boundary Waters up just past northeast Minnesota. Not much for the wife though.Hope this helps.

  4. OK, had the same problem. Myself, wifey and my 14 yr old. Here is what we did, from Columbus headed north thru Buffalo , and stayed in Niagra Falls for a day and a half. Pampered wifey , dinner , shopping etc. Drove 5 hours up to Rice lake for fishing ( guy time now). You would have no problem with the yak, but most places have boats to rent. Stayed there 3 days fished a ton and caught lots of great bass ( big ones!!). The cabin wasn't the Hilton, but wifey didn't really have any complaints. Drove back stayed the night in Niagra ( back to wifey time& the Hilton:) then home. We all got what we wanted with a little planning and some give and take. And all in all it wasn't that expensive.
  5. My wife (non fisherwoman) and I, went thru Orillo. Stayed the night, hit the casino, had an awesome steak dinner at a small downtown eatery (on the casino..yippii), finished the night in the hot tub and pool. Then went on to Camp Horizon in Field, Ont. We stayed in a 5th wheel camper that was decked out. I fished and she read and relaxed. The cost of the camper was 400 bucks for 6 nights. They charge per cabin, not per person. Good food, fresh baked goods and not to far from North Bay or Sudbury.
    Fishing was ok. I caught northerns and bass everyday. But went to another lake with my small rowboat and whacked'em good!!
  6. Lake of the Woods in Minnesota / Ontario. Little bit of a drive , but well worth it. I'd stay in Kenora on the CN side ; lots of things to do & the fishing is incredible. Lots of sheltered areas on the north side of that lake.
  7. Anywhere is Muskoka. Lot’s of cottages and resorts. Huntsville offers great dinning experience and shopping. Wonderful small town feel with big town convenience.

    Great fishing in and around Huntsville. Lakes such as Vernon, Fairy and Penn has some awesome pike and smallmouth action.

    Algonquin Park is a short scenic drive from Huntsville. It has some of the best hiking, canoeing and kayak opportunities anywhere to be found in Ontario. If you’re an early riser you can drive into Algonquin and catch a few sightings of moose and possibly bears right from the car. The Algonquin tourist center makes for a great family all day outing.

    Don’t feel like taking up a kayak? No problem – Algonquin outfitters located right in the middle of the park on Opeongo Lake can supply you with everything you need for a day or even a week trip.
  8. I highly recommend Pleasant Cove on Georgian Bay. Pointe Au Baril, Ontario Canada. Coming from Cinci I'd split the drive in 2 parts probably stopping in Niagara Falls
    Nice clean cottages, decent price, beautiful scenery, friendly owners. Plenty to do besides fishing and the fishing isn't bad. don't have a meal plan but there are enough restuarants near there if you need to dine out alot. Another option is the Kawartha Lakes area / Pigeon Lake. Depends on whether you want to feel like you're an explorer or want to see more boat traffic. Housekeeping cottage or full service resort?